Battle Of Trading Grid Bots – Classic Bot Vs SBot

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Feb 25, 2022


Trading grid bots provide an appealing solution to make money with cryptocurrencies. Rather than manually placing orders, these bots can automate the process based on user input.

Both Classic Bot and SBot by Bitsgap are versatile tools, although there are some key differences to take note of. 

Trading Grid Bots Are Powerful

The concept of grid trading revolves around placing multiple buy and sell orders in equal quantity in a predefined range around a specific price.

As a result, it is viable to explore cryptocurrency markets and capitalize on sideways market momentum. Although cryptocurrencies are volatile, they often experience periods without clear market direction.

Automating the trading process through grid trading bots makes for an efficient approach during these periods. 

More importantly, various trading platforms provide access to trading grid bots. It marks a significant step forward to make crypto trading more appealing to the mainstream.

Grid trading bots operate autonomously after a user sets up a trading strategy. As such, both aspirin and advanced traders can make money without staring at price charts all day. 

Users who explore grid trading bots have customizability and flexibility. They can control the risk/reward ratio and set price changes, and the number of grids.

The bot will closely monitor the market and generate a profit from any market movement by pacing orders as soon as the prices fluctuate.

Moreover, exploring low-risk options like stablecoin trading is worthwhile, as it can lead to steady profit generation.

Picking Between Classic Bot And SBot

Bitsgap introduces multiple grid trading bots for users to choose from. 

Setting up a Classic Bot helps users buy and sell a fixed amount of the base currency per order, based on market fractals.

Consistently buying and selling the same amounts introduces steady profits and establishes a sense of control for the user.

However, it is crucial to understand the Classic Bot works best during market uptrends, as it provides better exposure as prices move higher. 

Classic bot buys and sells equal amount of base currency despite the price

SBot is a more advanced version of the Classic Bot and uses a different investment distribution. Users can limit the quote currency for buying and selling digital assets.

Moreover, SBot ensures the investment amount is always the same. It is a good strategy when markets trend sideways in a horizontal range.

Moreover, its native dollar-cost averaging approach facilitates crypto accumulation and profit generation in the base currency.

Sbot buys and sells a certain amount of base currency with the same amount of quote currency.

Conclusion: Which Is Best?

The Classic Bot and SBot have their distinct advantages, depending on the overarching market conditions.

SBot works well with a horizontal range in the sideways momentum, whereas Classic Bot performs well when there is no definitive market direction.

Although trading grid bots automate the trading process, users still need to adjust depending on the market outlook and switch out their options accordingly. 

No one strategy will work all the time, especially with volatile assets like cryptocurrencies. However, grid trading bots provided by Bitsgap can take care of most of the manual interventions required during the market scenarios outlined above.

Keeping close tabs on sharp dips and explosive growth remains crucial, as those can occur at any moment. 

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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