WeWay Creator Deny Montana Enters Guinness Book of World Records

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    Feb 5, 2022


    Another milestone for a WeWay creator! To add to his already extensive list of achievements, Deny Montana has now successfully made it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

    He is now the world record holder of the most one-arm pull-ups! No easy task to be sure! 

    WeWay has been working with Deny Montana for some time now, helping him to establish his foothold in the MetaVerse through the use of customized NFTs.

    Within the WeWay platform various Deny Montana NFTs can be bought, collected, and shared. Creators from everywhere in every field can follow the lead of Deny Montana and release their brands into the MetaVerse.

    WeWay is an ecosystem for celebrities and their fans. A platform allows for a new form of interaction between the two that allows for new experiences. Just as the internet enabled us to create a new form of marketplace, so too is the MetaVerse.

    Through enabling monetization of the various interactions between Creators and Fans, the MetaVerse has created a new economic community where both fans and brands can thrive. 

    The WeWay platform will allow users on a global scale to rely on more equitable and affordable ways of making money by doing what they love and following their passions.

    The fans, along with investors, are able to utilize native ecosystem tokens in order to gain access to unique customized content, digital items (NFTs) and experiences.

    The creators are able to receive a new form of logistical feedback from their fans and the support they need for launching future projects that are important to them.

    Along with this, the advertisers gain access to secure indications relaying transparent and realistic interactions with influencers.

    The Creator Economy is taking the possibilities of internet users to an entirely new level. Within the realm of merchandising there is now a whole new perspective that comes with exciting opportunities.

    Taking Deny Montana as an example, his fans can now purchase and collect virtual objects relating to him in both the physical and virtual space.

    WeWay provides him a direct way of tracking and monetizing these interactions within the virtual sphere. There is a whole new world of possibilities opened with regards to “Digital Collectibles”. 

    WeWay allows for Deny Montana’s fans to keep up to date with his new collectibles and enables the fans to purchase, collect, and share while staying ahead of the game.

    The platform is a major advancement in the development of the new decentralized Creator Economy, allowing for a new array of opportunities for both creator and fan to enhance their experience, and through the use of monetization, enhance the lives of both.

    Influencers of all sorts will be able to take full advantage of the platform and tweak it to suit their needs. There are limitless possibilities when it comes to the design of NFTs.

    As mentioned there are collectibles, but also there are digital worlds, games, and licensing. They can be attached to sports, fashion, current events, and the news in general, there are essentially limitless possibilities. 

    For example, a creator can reach a new accolade and wish to merchandise virtually for the specific award or event. Again, the options are endless, and WeWay can make all this happen, supporting the creator and providing a fresh experience for the audience.

    Put simply, WeWay synchronizes creators’ activities as well as their notoriety by combining the worlds of social media, the MetaVerse, and Crypto/Blockchain communities.

    WeWay does all this for creators and fans while navigating behind the scenes various problematic fronts such as, copyright issues, taxation regulations, and network transaction commission among other things.

    Thus, the platform allows those taking part a carefree experience which allows the exploration into this new and emerging field. This special ecosystem enables them to earn while doing what they do best.

    This is exactly what WeWay is doing for Deny Montana. As he reaches new heights with his social media brand, WeWay will be following him step by step to allow his expansion into virtual collectibles and the various structures within the MetaVerse.

    While his brand expands on all fronts, he gains a deeper insight into fan interaction while earning to help fund further ventures along the way.

    This won’t be the last we’ll hear of Deny Montana, and surely it is just the beginning of his pursuits within the MetaVerse.

    To know more about Deny Montana, WeWay, and everything discussed in this article, be sure to visit for more information about the platform and how it can help creators reach their next level!

    WeWay is always looking for new and innovative creators to collaborate with in order to help them reach their goals and enhance the experience for all users.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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