Warena 2D NFT Game Launches With Play-To-Earn Mechanics and Personalized Avatars

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    Jan 20, 2022


    Following the beta test participated by over 15,000 players, Warena, the first game that offers a combination of NFT technology, metaverses, and engaging mechanics to solve cross-game compatibility problems, has brought out its 2D game version on January 19.

    In the action-survival game, players engage in a personalized play-to-earn gaming environment set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans and zombies are opposing sides in a global conflict. The year is 2129 when World War 3 erupts. Following catastrophic events, the world becomes an apocalyptic hellscape with the survivors becoming zombies, cyborgs, and monsters. It is up to individual players to battle against zombies through personalized human or mechanical warriors. 

    Players can benefit from the improved play-to-earn mechanics provided in Warena 2D. Every player can roll for a chance of earning unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and items. Participating in the in-game economy helps players create value for themselves, other players, and the development team. The in-game $WARE currency is used to level up warriors, purchase items, and mystery boxes. Earning $WARE is possible through the daily quest, adventure gameplay, one-time milestones, and participating in the weekly rank challenge. 

    Additionally, players control their warriors and own their characters through NFT technology. Players can personalize all characters by creating a digital avatar based on their photos. Moreover, players can adjust body parts and attributes, allowing for many different combinations. 

    Significant Milestones For Warena

    The initial beta tests for Warena 2D noted over 15,000 players during the four-day testing period. Over 3,500 players left feedback for the developers to improve and tweak the game. Additionally, the Warena community on Twitter has grown to over 183,000 followers, confirming the excitement surrounding the zombie-survival world. The Warena Discord is home to over 12,000 members looking to engage in discussion regarding the project. 

    Warena has achieved multiple milestones in late 2021. The Initial DEX Offering (IDO) across RedKite, GameFi, DAOMaker, and Ignition in October 2021 noted strong support from investors and various partners. The Warena metaverse will be home to many different game characters from multiple projects to co-exist, ushering in the future of interconnected NFT gaming. 

    Other notable achievements include:

    • Over 500 submitted memes during the meme “champions” contest in October 2021.
    • $RENA token listing on Pancakeswap, Coin98, MEXC, and Gate and aggregated by CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.
    • Tremendous user participation during “from Warrior to Holder” staking event rewarding 462,720 $RENA tokens.
    • NFT Cosplay campaign with Illuvium in November 2021m rewarding lucky winners with a Pangolin – Hellboy NFT
    • The Guardian of Warena Ambassador Program attracted 146 applications, of which six “local leaders” were elected. 
    • Christmas giveaway of 100 NFT mystery boxes across four different contests
    • Finalization of the partnership with Binance NFT to sell NFT mystery boxes
    • Future planning includes the Emporia game (gamified decentralization finance and NFT-based based region) and playable cities with GameFi elements. 

    The Warena 2D game is a crucial milestone for the team, although work has already begun on the 3D Metaverse, marking phase 2 of the project’s rollout. 

    The Warena 3D Metaverse

    Phase two of the Warena vision launching next year revolves around establishing a 3D metaverse. The Metaverse will combine various features and cross-game opportunities for players to explore. Existing features, including the customizable character and digital avatar based on a player’s photo, will transition to the 3D Metaverse.

    Once a player acquires land obtained during the pre-sale and the in-game marketplace in Warena, they can begin building strongholds to conserve resources in the next phases. Moreover, players can acquire and contribute resources to their lands, enabling budding clans to gain more power and wealth.  

    There is also the Emporia gamified decentralized finance area within the Warena Metaverse. As an on-chain NFT-land based “special” area. it provides a new layer of immersion by letting players entire cities. The first city to explore is Eshuya, located in the Sarama Highlands.  Noteworthy locations to visit include:

    • Bazaar: A DEX to trade and swap $RENA, $WARE, and other assets on supported blockchains.
    • Warena Vault: $RENA holders can stake assets here and earn shared revenue. That revenue is affected by the fees generated by the Bazaar.
    • Orchard: A place to stake LP tokens. 

    A new addition to Warena 3D Metaverse is the battle mail system. Players can send and receive battle mail among one another, although one can decline one battle request per month. In addition, players can team up in a defensive cooperation effort through renting out warriors and ammunition or establishing a brand new clan. When different parties cooperate, they will automatically forge a contract based on the agreements. 

    Looking Toward 2022

    As development on Warena 3D Metaverse is underway — with a tentative release date later in 2022 – the team plans to introduce some other highlights during the next few weeks. Events to look forward to including:

    • 17/01/2022 (8 PM UTC+7): Allow users to redeem boxes from the Binance NFT sale.
    • 19/01/2022 (8 PM UTC+7): Official Warena 2D game launch.
    • 09/02/2022 (8 PM UTC+7): Allow users to exchange boxes and NFTs on Warena Marketplace.

    After achieving numerous milestones in 2021, the Warena team is excited to push the boundaries and transition Warena 2D into a 3D Metaverse. Empowerment of players remains the core focus of the ecosystem, and players can look forward to more personalization options through the Production House, featuring customized skins and multiple design layouts. 

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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