Supremacy Soon to Launch Public Token Sale for its Metaverse-Based Gaming Ecosystem

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Mustafa Mulla

Mustafa has been writing about Blockchain and crypto since many years. He has previous trading experience and has been working in the Fintech industry since 2017.

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Feb 9, 2022


Supremacy has set a date for their public token sale. Brought to you by the minds behind the ecosystem: Ninja Syndicate. Supremacy’s Battle Arena is the first game in a series of Metaverse-enabled games.

Their game world is a collection of game platforms that interact together, creating wide-reaching economic effects planet-wide.

The native token, Syndicate Utility Token (SUPS), is a blockchain-enabled BEP-20 token that offers numerous game utilities and acts as the currency of the ecosystem.

The fully decentralized, non-fungible token (NFT) asset is enabled with Metaverse import and export for the transfer of game assets.

Players stand with their syndicate to influence the fight and win the AI War Machine live battles, uniting the players and fueling the ecosystem.

On the 22nd of February, the team will offer 217 million SUPS out of the total supply of 300 million in presale. These tokens will be available to Alpha Citizens, or participants that survive the trial to become whitelisted. After 36 hours, anyone can participate in the public sale on the project’s website. For two weeks leading up to the event, participants will be able to try to survive to earn a spot on the whitelist.

Synchronous Games in the Virtual World

Different game platforms simulate different parts of the Metaverse, all set on Earth in the year 2149. Each platform can be played independently, without the need to interact within the Metaverse, and concurrently with other platforms.

As the Citizen, players get to choose single play or cooperative play.

For the initial launch, the game platform will have AI-controlled War Machines that fight in a live 3D Battle Arena. Factions, known as Syndicates, are at odds with each other, and the Citizen (player) can pledge allegiance to a Syndicate and earn from battles.

Citizens deploy War Machines to fight on behalf of the Syndicate on the battlefield, playing out in real-time with other players as spectators. Battle victors earn SUPS from a portion of the prize pool.

Along with the Battle Arena, the future roadmap features the Citizen Headquarters platform and the Enrichment Center.

The Citizen Headquarters will allow Citizens to manage all the Syndicate resources using tools like NFT delegation, reward distribution, and contract allocation. Intelligence and market power are the fuel to control the economy and manage components.

Additionally, there will be the Enrichment Center, which uses a play-to-earn mechanism for Citizens to earn SUPS by completing work contracts, such as mining resources, building machines, and constructing buildings, all on the behalf of their Syndicate.

Contracts are represented by puzzles, memory games, trivia games, and other tasks.

In-Game Resources, the Future of Supremacy

To facilitate gameplay in the Citizen Headquarters, Citizens can use Resources extracted from finite reserves on Land. Like the real world, as Resources deplete, Citizens need to purchase the Resources on the market or take control of more Land.

Base resources will include Metal and Energy, which combine with Resources and Time to create the components of War Machines.

Several game objects can be turned into NFTs, including parcels of Land, large quantities of Metal or Energy sources, and Buildings.

Components of War Machines, such as Weapons and CPU Cores, and War Machine Assemblies, or fully equipped War Machines, can also be transformed into NFTs.

Play-to-Earn Platform

The Enrichment Cente will see Citizens able to earn SUPS by completing Work Contracts on behalf of Syndicates on a mobile-enabled platform.

All contracts consist of Proof-of-Effort (PoE), represented Off-World as a portal for minigames with trivia questions, memory games, and more.

Accuracy, speed, and activity will determine the rank, giving Citizens access to bonuses, power-ups, and multipliers to earn more SUPS.

Other play-to-earn opportunities are available in Supremacy, such as participating in the Battle Arena which releases on 2/22/22.

Supremacy: Brought to You by Experienced Game Developers

Ninja Syndicate is an engineering game studio based in Australia that sought to create an engaging Metaverse gaming experience for all.

Founded by Alex Dunmow and John Nguyen who have formed an industry-leading team of game designers, Web3 enthusiasts and software engineers to bring the idea of Supremacy to life.

Before dreaming up and delivering the future of the metaverse, the Ninja team has spent years designing, building, and deploying highly technical platforms for business, including data management, business analytics and user experience software.

In the weeks leading to the launch of Supremacy on 2/22/22, partnered guilds and eager players alike can gain early access to the public sale by a unique whitelisting experience.

Survival has its rewards. Join their discord and telegram groups to ensure you don’t miss out.





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Mustafa Mulla

Mustafa has been writing about Blockchain and crypto since many years. He has previous trading experience and has been working in the Fintech industry since 2017.

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