FortKnoxster(FKX) Blockchain Messenger- The Next Telegram


Why Fortknoxster will be the most successful messaging app based on blockchain technology!


FortKnoxster, the most secure communications and messaging platform in the world, represents one of the last remaining safe havens for companies, governments, financial institutions.

The platform also allows individuals for free communication, among other blockchain features.

In a digital era where all online information is vulnerable to exploitation, it has become increasingly problematic to share information online with full confidence that it will not be misused.

FortKnoxster provides a longed-for solution of heavily encrypted communication channels, being the most advanced encryption-platform provider for the secure sharing of confidential and secret data between businesses and their consumers.

By default, all calls, messages, and files transmitted and received in FortKnoxster are end-to-end encrypted. Multiple cryptographic keypairs are created on the user’s local device when they register a FortKnoxster account to encrypt and decrypt messages and data.

Encryption keys produced from your password, which is only known to the user and no one else, safeguard the encryption keys.

More information about FortKnoxster’s end-to-end encryption and privacy capabilities may be found on the Security website

FortKnoxster is using the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain blockchains, as well as IPFS. Users of FortKnoxster communicate with one another using cryptographic signatures, forming a secure communication channel. 

Fortknoxster (FKX) is the coin that allows FortKnoxster users to upgrade to FortKnoxster PRO by using FKX coins to purchase extra encrypted storage and a variety of PRO features. Current exchanges of FKX are KuCoin and Uniswap, and supported wallets are MEW, TrustWallet, MetaMask, and Ledger.

An Encrypted Messaging App and More

FortKnoxster is a cyber-security company that provides everyone, including organizations, with a comprehensive Crypto SuiteTM of private and encrypted messaging, calling, crypto wallet, and cloud storage.

FortKnoxster protects its users’ online privacy by combining robust end-to-end encryption with modern blockchain technology and zero-knowledge protocols.

Moreover, with Crypto Suite you can:

  • Buy crypto
  • Store crypto
  • Exchange crypto
  • Stake crypto
  • Send crypto directly in chat
  • And many more great features – all-in-one.

FortKnoxster is an oasis in a desert of cyberattacks, vulnerable cyberspace, and constant misuse of sensitive and private data. It is an impenetrable fortress for global information flow, which makes FortKnoxster a revolutionary company with a mission to protect global information sharing.

Fortknoxster coin FKX is right now trading at an extremely undervalued price at 0,05$. 4 years under development and many future partnerships announcements this high quality project can easily propel the FKX coin to hit $5 by the end of the year.

Trade on Uniswap

Swap ETH to FKX



Email: [email protected]


Coin info:


Twitter: @fortknoxster

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