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Feb 22, 2022


Metaverse is a digital world where users can engage with a computer-generated world as well as other users. Encourages any type of social engagement such as hanging out with friends or business meetings. It is said that Cryptocurrencies will rule on Metaverse.

Have you ever heard of online Gambling sites where you play casino games or bet on various sports? Most of the gambling websites are not trusted by individuals as they are not licensed or probably fake websites. What if someone hacked your account and your funds got stolen, the first impression of the website was not good enough, slow loading and many such issues.

Blockchain is constantly evolving and preferred by many due to its fast and accurate execution of trades. People now need a decentralized protocol where they can bet without any fear of fraud. We are introducing you to one of the latest projects called ‘Betverse’. This is going to change the game of the gambling world once for and all. 

Betverse is Metaverse, considering that it is developing its own blockchain. The platform will be cheap, fast, effective, accurate and a more improved desk for games.  Metaverse is the future, for this betverse has developed a metaverse for new gambling 2.0 that benefits all blockchain games.

Let us further look into detail about betverse token, its features, how it works and its advantages. 

What is Betverse?

Betverse is the world’s first decentralized, self-governed and transparent betting platform. Betverse is based on Ethereum blockchain and Binance smart chain. Fully decentralized network with control in your hands. Sounds great for those who want decentralized contracts for betting.

You can bet on a number of sports, play games and this is not controlled by any third-parties to settle the trades. It is a completely peer-to-peer platform where it is you v/s other players, not you v/s dealers. 

Store your funds without being afraid of poor management. This will induce confidence in individuals because it runs on a blockchain network. No KYC needed, this is what most of the people want!. You have to just connect your ETH wallet and start placing your bets.

The best is yet to come, there are no withdrawal issues related to betverse. There are many platforms with withdrawal issues but betverse is a whole new term.


BTVS is the first token with real utility for games, and works on a decentralized system Which will transform the world of gambling. It is based on Binance smart chain BEP20 and Ethereum ERC20. 

Most people wish that this should be an ERC token or a BSC token, but this token is backed by both. This token is just above the world with hyper deflationary decentralized protocol. You don’t need to participate in games to earn passive income, you can do it just by holding a BTVS token.  

The token is going to launch on 22 February, 2022, with a maximum supply of 10 Billion BTVS tokens. You can buy $BTVS on Uniswap and Pancake swap with metamask. 

Important Features of Betverse Token

  1. Gambling 2.0 – When people trade the token on any DEX,they will earn awards and be entered into a life-long lottery. You may also play with $BTVS tokens to win great prizes offered by DApps, and tokens never cease burning. The games immediately contribute to the burning of $BTVS, increasing its utility. As a result, the $BTVS will rise as more individuals play.
  1. Perpetual Burns –  Each interaction with the token or with the platform generates advanced and automatic perpetual burns. This is basically aimed at raising the price of the BTVS, increasing liquidity, lowering the supply.
  1. Passive Income – The betverse algorithm is designed in such a way that every time a trader trades a BTVS token, will receive a cashback of 5% for a transaction. Users can claim this reward in any currency. Monthly dividends for storing BTVS tokens in your wallet.
  1. Lotto : Tickets for life – Users have to keep a BTVS token equivalent to at least one ticket price. You are eligible to participate in weekly lotto, no need to buy tickets every time. The chance to win is more if you buy more. The lotto price includes a weekly jackpot and extra lotto reward.
  1. Liquidity pool –  Get higher APR’s for adding liquidity by staking.
  1. Betverse prediction Game –  This is a simple game where users have to predict the price of Bitcoin. You have to guess whether the price will rise or fall. If the guess is right you win. This is one of the games that will be part of Betverse. More players will give rise to the price of $BTVS.
  1. Utility NFTs Collection –  Betverse is launching only 500 NFTs  at $500 where only 500 users will be getting this opportunity. This will offer an APR of 254%, this will not change. You can earn income just by buying NFTs, every month you will receive 15% income.
  1. NFT Marketplace –  Opportunity to buy, sell and create NFTs. Also trade the NFTs created by other users. The fee charged by betverse will be used to burn BTVS Tokens.
  1. Own blockchain for gaming –  Betverse is developing its own blockchain with the aim of being a universal network for gaming and making betverse a top 50 cryptocurrencies. The platform helps projects who create games on betverse blockchain.

RoadMap Of Betverse

Betverse is a place where individuals can earn passive income by participating in various games and buying BTVS tokens. The betverse does not stop here, it will also contribute to launching multiple games which will give rise to the price of BTVS token. Below is the roadmap of betverse :

Security of Betverse :

Betverse has an anti-whale protocol to give greater security to its users. Recently KYCastle on twitter has announced that Betverse has successfully passed the KYC verification. KYCastle provides worldwide KYC services for crypto projects.


  1. When is the Betverse Token and DAPP launch?

The launch date is 22nd February, 2022.

  1. What is the price prediction of a BTVS token?

At present, any details regarding its price, daily trade volume and market capital is unknown.

  1. Will Betverse be a successful project?

Today many projects fail in the De-fi world due to not providing proper utility. The betverse wants to give its users a high income just by holding the tokens with an aggressively de-fi protocol.

Closing Thoughts

In the De-fi world, projects with more volume have been abandoned  in the field of gambling due to no upgrade. Betverse is aimed to solve this problem. A deflationary protocol has been created with a goal that its customers can achieve income, dividends, cashbacks, rewards, lotto, NFTs and much more. 

While the tokens are burned, indirectly increasing its liquidity and rise in the price of $BTVS token. Introducing many projects related to games and growing the profile of the venture. This will attract many customers and has the capability to be a successful project in the future.


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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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