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BetSwirl Set To Usher In New Suite Of B2B Services

Written by: Mustafa Mulla

May 19, 2022

Following what can best be described as an interesting cascade of insightful experiences over the last couple of months, the BetSwirl team has thought it particularly necessary to launch a B2B service.

Beyond the obvious reasons, expansion plans bring chief among them, BetSwirl knows several other communities and protocols will benefit from its solutions. 

( is the first B2B customer to white label BetSwirl’s gaming dApp)

If you’re learning about BetSwirl for the first time, then it might interest you to know that BetSwirl is a decentralized online gaming platform with a completely fair, modernistic, and metaverse-inclined ecosystem.

It should however come as no surprise as finds BetSwirl a befitting choice for partnership. In becoming the former’s first B2B customer, Titano keeps faith in BetSwirl believing our gameplay, fairness, non custodial and trustless product will benefit the Titano, as well as other communities.

What this means is pretty simple: going forward BetSwirl’s dApp can be white-labeled by other protocols.

The protocols that buy this product of BetSwirl’s will be able to sell it as their own and in their own brand name or identity. Needless to say, this will unlock a whole new bunch of opportunities for progressive projects looking to scale easily but without necessarily breaking the bank. 

BetSwirl as a white label for

For instance, Titano, our first customer, will host customized BetSwirl’s gaming dApp on its subdomain. This will allow for an easy replication of the entire betting solution that BetSwirl provides but in Titano’s bad colors and preferred custom designs. The end product would be something like a

A growth opportunity for both protocols

This goes without saying that several Protocols will be and are already warming up to add more utility to their tokens. It is important to note that market conditions of the moment demand more utility and Binance founder, CZ, has already encouraged a return to more utility-oriented cryptocurrency space. 

In the case of BetSwirl’s dApp though, the customer’s protocol is allocated a share of the games’ house edge, which could serve to burn, transfer to an address, boost farms APR etc cetera.

The team is committed to adding $200k worth of $TITANO for their users to benefit a payout up to $2000 worth of their token.

They will gain ownership of their bankroll to withdraw and deposit whenever they deem relevant.

The diagram below shows what’s happening behind the scene: each winning bet wagered with $TITANO allocates half of the house edge to the Titano protocol:

  • 75% goes to the weekly burn address
  • 25% goes to the protocol

The rest of the $TITANO house edge is allocated to BetSwirl’s protocol:

  • 20% is accumulated as dividends for staking rewards. This feature will be released as soon as there’s enough volume to anticipate a good APR.
  • 10% goes to the player’s referrer if any, otherwise distributed evenly across the other allocations.
  • 10% goes into BetSwirl’s treasury.
  • 10% goes for BetSwirl’s team.

Time to build

The BetSwirl team had earlier expressed interest in improving the project’s product suite by exploring every valuable option and opportunity in the Web3 space.

With the introduction of a new service that would allow other protocols to  Whitelabel its gaming dApp, it seems obvious that the team is practically reiterating its commitment to continuous improvement even in a bearish market.

Stay in touch with BetSwirl and every development in its community to make the most of the opportunities it brings. 

About BetSwirl

BetSwirl is a multi-chain DeFi gaming platform that is committed to bringing true decentralization to the online gaming sphere. It leverages Polygon’s and BNB Smart Chain’s growing popularity and minimal gas fee, to create dynamic experiences that rival existing norms in the industry. Beyond the usual offers of everyday betting platforms, BetSwirl is already laying the foundations of a metaverse inclined ecosystem.  Together with ongoing efforts to accommodate more blockchain protocols, chains, and tokens, BetSwirl is positioning itself for the future.

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Mustafa Mulla

Mustafa has been writing about Blockchain and crypto since many years. He has previous trading experience and has been working in the Fintech industry since 2017.

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