OviO Tackles In-Game Currency Exchange and Discoverability of Mobile Games With Web3 Tech

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    Mobile gaming is a tremendous industry vertical in video games. Although not everyone enjoys playing on a small screen, the mobile games segment represents nearly 60% of all gaming. OviO wants further to enhance that appeal through its Web3 liquidity connectivity, giving developers and players additional options.

    Mobile Games Continue To Thrive

    Over the last few years, mobile gaming has become one of the most popular forms of gaming. That is because mobile devices are now more powerful than ever before and also more portable than ever before. As a result, people can play mobile games anywhere and at any time. In addition, mobile games are also becoming more social, as there are now many games that allow players to interact with each other.

    Despite that evolution, several downsides remain. First, users must settle for having zero control over in-game assets and currencies. None of these items have value outside the game, as one cannot export them. Second, developers often need to settle for tough monetization opportunities. The App Store listing their games always takes a cut from every transaction, and there are only so many advertising opportunities to explore.

    All of that can be improved upon with Web3 technology. Ovio intends to help mobile games transition into the blockchain era and unlock new liquidity streams. With $175 billion in in-game currencies alone, converting those assets to tradeable crypto assets will prove beneficial. In-game items gain value outside of the game, and players – and developers – can monetize them through trading, buying, selling, or exchanging. 

    An extra option for developers is the discount in-game currency buying. A developer or publisher can offer discounted currencies through OviO, incentivizing players to spend money on mobile games. Those players will get a bargain deal and earn the option to earn OviO credits to redeem across different games. It is a win-win approach for those willing to take the plunge with Web3 technology. 

    OviO Lands On Android

    The new solution by OviO has appeared on the Google Play Store. Its platform provides access to a growing collection of titles, including Trial Xtreme 4 and Impossible Space. Those titles combine for over 50 million monthly active users, giving OviO a substantial industry foothold. A launch on iOS is in the works and should be completed over the next few weeks. 

    OviO Co-founder and CEO Nir Hauer states:

    “Our mission is to offer gamers and crypto communities the best liquidity experience with our universal gaming token, which can offer our communities the holy grail of interoperability and ownership of any game asset across all games, domains, chains, and categories. Our frictionless approach means our community of gamers gain the best experience from our games, not to mention exclusive in-game content, great discounts on game-coin purchases, and better exchange rates for our most loyal users.”

    Under the hood, OviO leverages smart contracts to convert in-game currencies to tradeable crypto assets. The seamless process enables mobile game enthusiasts to buy, sell, trade, and exchange assets as they see fit. OviO has a strong lineup of partnerships with game developers, companies, and publishers to explore the market spanning over two million games. 

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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