MEMAG Presale Enters The Last Stage: How To Join The Fastest-Growing P2E Guild Of 2023?

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Sara is steadily working on cryptocurrency evaluations, news, and fluctuations in digital currency prices. She is guest author associated with many cryptocurrencies admin and contributes as an active guide to readers about recent updates on virtual currencies.

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Meta Masters Guild (MMG) burst into the crypto market, breaking all norms about play-to-earn gaming and global coordination. The project has raised $4,317,089 out of its $4,970,00 target at the time of this writing, which stands testimony to the blockchain innovation that anchors the project. 

MMG is building high-quality mobile games that allow members to sustainably earn rewards in exchange for their contributions to the ecosystem. That isn’t new. Many projects have come forward with similar visions in the past, only to fail disastrously. So, what sets apart MMG in the crowded market? And why are investors excited about it?

Let’s find out. 

4M+ raised already

Meta Masters Guild is one of the hottest crypto projects of this year. It is trending on social media and featured in top crypto publications. With 4M+ raised from public investors already, it is widely predicted to become the next crypto to enter the $1B club as well. 

To begin with, Meta Masters Guild (MMG) is a pioneering mobile-focused gaming guild dedicated to blockchain games. Its mission is to build high-quality, blockchain-integrated mobile games in a decentralized, inclusive ecosystem. It allows members to sustainably earn rewards in exchange for their contributions. 

The single-currency ecosystem is powered by the Meta Masters Guild token ($MEMAG). You can use them to buy the in-game assets and upgrades, minted out as NFTs. But the in-game rewards are distributed in Gems, which can be converted to $MEMAG tokens if you choose to. Or else, you can cash them out or reinvest them in a variety of different ways within the ecosystem. 

If you’ve been a gamer for a while, you should already know that gaming is among the most predatory industries in the world. Despite the mass appeal and large growth potential, the industry has been highly centralized since its early days. The rights to all popular titles are owned by large gaming corporations that have more power than they know what to do with. If the last few decades are any sign, they have little interest in delivering the market’s expectations. 

Thanks to the one-sided monetization techniques ingrained into the industry, gaming giants make billions every year while offering no value to the user. A profit-sharing system that factors in the users was largely unheard of in the industry, till the emergence of crypto games. As a result, the core player base sees zero of this money coming back to them. Rightly so, gaming is referred to as an idle hobby, even by people who spend hours on it. 

In reality, gaming requires a lot of passion and perseverance. It’s about time we acknowledged that, believes MMG. And the answer lies in Web3’s potential to bring gamers, investors, developers, and anyone passionate about gaming under one umbrella. 

How did MMG become the fastest-growing gaming guild in 2023?

Although gaming is one of the fastest-growing blockchain sectors, it is not without shortcomings. In the last few years, we have seen how crypto incentivization can backfire if not executed right. A large percentage of blockchain games come with metaverse, NFT, and other advanced technological integrations today. That is an excellent way to draw attention to a budding game. But it’s not enough to retain their attention. 

Games that grip the avid gamer

Regardless of how costly the in-game assets are, a game needs a game – and an extremely gripping one at that – to sustain a user base. And, in turn, the value of the assets. But a closer look at the blockchain gaming market will tell you that few have what it takes to build a loyal user base out of the traditional gaming community. Most projects get lost amid the commotion around tokenomics that they forget to build the game. Even when they do, the games are sub-par. 

MMG has laid down fun as the primary principle that drives its ecosystem. It is focused on building games that can grow a community, for communities are at the heart of any successful crypto or gaming project. Here is a quick look at the first three MMG titles. That should give you a picture of what the platform is up to. 

  • Meta Kart Racers – a mobile-first PVP racing game where you must compete against other players in the Meta Kart Championship. 
  • Raid NFT – a turn-based fantasy fighting game where you should choose between several warrior classes 
  • Meta Masters World – a metaverse where members can explore games and experiences, collect resources, and enter competitions.

MMG is mobile-first

Most people prefer to access games via their mobile devices. Not surprising, given that mobiles offer better flexibility and convenience. Since most of us can’t set aside a specific time for gaming in our everyday life, we game on the go. When waiting at the doctor’s clinic, during lunch breaks, or on commutes. That’s the beauty of mobile devices. They allow us to fit gaming into our schedule while not affecting our productivity. Even if a game promises rewards and income, a large majority of gamers are unlikely to leave their day jobs for games. It will be mostly a source of side income for them. 

MMG has kept that in mind while designing the extensive gaming guild. The mobile-first approach will help it penetrate a larger user base when compared to most traditional and crypto games, whose features are limited to larger devices. 

An open in-game economy

The significantly growing sums of money that people spend on games are astonishing. It reveals that If a player genuinely enjoys playing a game, he or she wouldn’t hesitate to spend money on it. Tapping into this understanding, Meta Masters Guild is building a gaming ecosystem where players enjoy playing the games and therefore want to put money into them. The in-game economy will be both open and fair. 

What does that essentially mean?

MMG allows players to trade all their in-game items and currency to one another, under the supervision of smart contracts. The open in-game economy will have a strong blockchain foundation that will increase the amount of investment that goes into the game due to better transparency and accountability. The goal is to win the interest and trust of players so that it can vastly eclipse popular traditional games in terms of trading volumes. 

Play-and-earn instead of play-to-earn

MMG is introducing a simple and efficient play-and-earn gaming model that will be an answer to the dilemma faced by current play-to-earn platforms. A key highlight of the model will be free-to-play games that knock down the high entry barriers to crypto gaming. At present, blockchain gaming is confined to people who are willing to spend a fortune on gaming avatars and tokens. The flawed system also proves to be fatal for the games, which take a nosedive within a few months of launch. 

MMG tackles this problem through an intense play-and-earn approach, fuelled by two tokens – GEMS (off-chain) and MEMAG (on-chain). While your gameplay is rewarded in GEMS, you can exchange them into MEMAG tokens as you choose. 

  • To stake in the ecosystem and earn additional rewards. 
  • Or to purchase in-game NFTs. An array of premium, playable in-game NFTs are featured in the Meta Masters Store. 
  • You can also cash out your MEMAG by exchanging it for other cryptocurrencies. 

Let’s say you’re not a gamer. But you believe in the community. You can still earn from the project. MMG will offer diverse opportunities to win NFTs, tokens, and other special prizes by being an active member of the MMG community.

How to join MMG?

MMG’s principle is to compensate for all contributions dedicated to building and nurturing the ecosystem. The platform has listed four ways a user can add value to the ecosystem and be a part of it. 

  • Build games with MMG: If a brilliant idea for a game has struck you, share it with the MMG team to see it manifest. MMG is eager to collaborate with creative game developers – new or experienced. The approach goes a long way in decentralizing the gaming market and uprooting the dominance of gaming giants. 
  • Provide in-game assets to high-performing players: A gaming guild mostly works by bridging the gap between investors and gamers, thus facilitating a smooth flow of gaming assets in the ecosystem. So, if you’re an investor who is not really adept at gaming or just doesn’t have enough time for it, lend it to someone who does. That’s a great way to earn revenue from your in-game assets that would be sitting idle otherwise. It will give real players with little initial capital an easy entry to the games. The profit generated by the gamer will be split between the two in a predetermined ratio. This way, the guild will nurture an exciting, competitive environment for the MMG titles. 
  • Develop esports teams and create content: Content creators are a big part of the MMG ecosystem. MMG will build an esports gaming community along the way that will support both official esports teams and any content creators that cover its titles. The project’s aim is to onboard more users and communities through talented content creators. 
  • Giveaways and competitions: Last but not least, you can stand a chance to win attractive rewards from the ecosystem by being a consistent presence in the MMG social media channels. Meta Masters Guild has an attractive giveaway live now, worth $100k. The contest is open to users who complete the tasks listed, which are mostly centered around spreading the word about the project and its products. 

Is MEMAG a good crypto investment?

If you believe in the future of blockchain gaming, MEMAG is one of the best gaming cryptos to invest in this year. It is the native cryptocurrency of the Meta Masters Guilds ecosystem that is integrated with a wide range of use cases. As the ecosystem expands, the token will facilitate more use cases that drive its demand and value. 

  • Play games to win games
  • Win or buy NFTs from the MMG store
  • Stake tokens and NFTs to earn a passive income
  • Exchange MEMAG to ETH or USDT

The crypto community has taken up MMG’s ambitious vision to build the largest Web3 gaming guild, as revealed by the colorful presale that is nearing its end. While the key highlight of the game is the gameplay, aspects like the open in-game economy, community-driven governance, and diverse streams of income give it an edge in the crowded market. The active focus on bridging the gap between investors and gamers will help it foster a decentralized, inclusive gaming community as envisioned. 

If the project keeps up with its roadmap, it could be one of the first to enter the $1B crypto club this year. Another factor that makes MEMAG an attractive buy is the discounted price at the presale. 0.023 USDT is an extremely low price to pay for a token with a large room for growth in the coming months. The long-term projection of the token is equally promising, with some enticing metaverse and e-sports integrations underway. 

Tier-1 CEX listings follow the presale

A series of tier-1 listings are awaiting MEMAG after the conclusion of the presale. The event, currently in its final stage, offers the cheapest entry to the project as the price will take off multifold on these listings. You can participate in the presale in a few simple steps. 

  • Install a crypto wallet. Purchasing from a desktop browser will give you a hassle-free buying experience, although the platform supports mobile purchases. (Metamask is recommended for desktop devices and Wallet Connect for mobile devices.)
  • Got your wallet set up? Head to and connect your wallet to start your purchase. You can buy the token using ETH, USDT, or a fiat card (via Transak). 
  • You can claim your tokens on the Meta Masters Guild claim page after the conclusion of the presale. Follow MMG on social channels for announcements regarding the token launch and claim. 

The MEMAG smart contract is verified by SolidProof and the team KYC is completed by Coinsniper, mitigating risks of hacks and scams. 

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Sara K

Sara is steadily working on cryptocurrency evaluations, news, and fluctuations in digital currency prices. She is guest author associated with many cryptocurrencies admin and contributes as an active guide to readers about recent updates on virtual currencies.

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