GemUni Introduces Play-To-Earn NFT Gaming Ecosystem

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    Surprisingly, play-to-earn games dominated the gaming world in the past year. This set of blockchain games, which allows players to earn digital assets and NFTs while playing, got traditional gamers plugged into them more often than not. DappRadar 2021 report disclosed that nearly half of blockchain users got involved with one blockchain game application. 

    With traditional game platforms still sitting on the fence, games, such as GemUni came into the mix. This game ecosystem emerged to enable ardent users to enjoy thousands of crypto games and trade NFTs in the marketplace.

    GemUni Builds an Ecosystem of Crypto Games

    GemUni has leveraged the popularity of NFTs to create a decentralized gaming ecosystem for gamers across the world to engage in enthralling play-to-earn games. GemUni monetizes the time of gamers with rewards and GENI Pass NFTs. The good thing about its P2E mechanics is that it is played on a platform level and doesn’t utilize per in-game model like its P2E counterparts available in the market. 

    The platform’s founder and executive, Cassie Nguyen, stated that her team’s objective is to narrow the gap between P2E models and traditional gaming and create an enabling environment for gamers worldwide to experience fun and earn real money while playing the games. She aims to achieve this through GemUni. 

    The ecosystem features two gaming platforms – Casual and Signature. As the name suggests, the Casual gaming section consists of prominent regular games suitable for everyone of all ages. Casual games are categorized into Arcade and Action, Sports, Lifestyle, etc. 

    On the other hand, the Signature consists of unique games built apart from casual games. These games maximize the user’s gaming experience and earning potential. The various games included in this platform will have their native token that will be offered as rewards to gamers. 

    According to the developers, a user must have a GENI Pass NFT to access both platforms. This GENI Pass is further divided into five separate categories, with each level determining how much you can earn while playing the games. 

    Aside from the gaming platforms, the ecosystem also has a marketplace that connects buyers and sellers. Users can purchase in-game assets and GENI Passes using the game’s legal tender GENI and other supported cryptocurrencies. 

    GemUni Continues to Hit Milestones

    GemUni has recorded some massive achievements in the past three months. Last year, it launched the I.N.O. event with experts and prominent entities from the blockchain space in attendance. This event marked the sale of the GENI Passes, which were highly purchased. 

    Over a thousand GENI Pass NFTs were sold that day, which was pleasing. Seeing the massive success, the team decided to launch the beta test and game challenges to keep players engaged during the Christmas period and earn tokens. 

    GemUni also achieved success during its fundraising round. The game raised about $2 million from investors and strategic partners, such as ZBS Capital, Kyber Ventures, HG Ventures, Kyros Ventures, etc. The event took place some days before the I.D.O.

    Last week, the game team unveiled its roadmap for the year. According to it, over 500 Casual games will be released before the end of the first quarter. Games, such as CyberRace and The Olympus, will be added to the Signature Gaming Section. That’s not all. Its NFT marketplace will go live, and the GemUni launchpad will also be released before Q2 ends. 

    On January 19, GemUni successfully conducted its Initial DEX Offering across three launchpads GameFi, Red Kite, and KrystalGO. The IDO was a great success, in which every GENI token offered was sold out in under one hour. With a public price of $0.2 per token, GemUni valuation is now $20 million. After the IDO, the project also successfully listed its GENI token on PancakeSwap & KyberSwap.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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