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    The buzz is growing around Dacxi Coin. The cryptocurrency (a utility token) is the driving force behind the Dacxi Chain – a.k.a. The world’s first global tokenized crowdfunding system. But what is the Dacxi Chain, exactly?

    The Dacxi Chain is a whole new ecosystem, where digital representations of company shares are created, bought, and sold, by anyone based anywhere around the world. Using crypto, tokenization, and blockchain technology, the platform will create one huge hyper-connected pool of global investors – which entrepreneurs can easily plug into in order to find funding for their latest and greatest idea. The Dacxi Chain relies on blockchain and tokenization to make the entire investing/capital-raising process easy, fast, and frictionless. And Dacxi Coin, as the platform’s native cryptocurrency, plays a key role.  

    Let’s see how it all stacks up. 

    Dacxi Coin: The details

    Dacxi Coin is the native crypto of the Dacxi Chain, and its exchange ticker code is DACXI. Investors can fund new ventures via the Dacxi Chain using Dacxi Coin. Dacxi Coin is used for all global investment transfers, to pay stakers for network validation, and also to pay any related network fees. 

    How it works

    An ERC20 token, Dacxi Coin is built upon the Ethereum blockchain. 

    The coin uses ‘proof of stake’ (POS). Under this validation protocol, people can set aside their chosen amount of crypto to secure the blockchain’s operation, and earn Dacxi Coin in the process. Unlike the ‘proof of work’ protocol that Bitcoin relies on, POS uses comparatively little energy. Making it a more sustainable option.  

    Where you can buy Dacxi Coin

    Dacxi Coin can be purchased via the Dacxi Chain website, or through decentralised exchanges such as HitBTC, BitForex, UNISWAP and CONSBIT Purchasers can choose to store their Dacxi Coin in a third party wallet or on the exchange platform they bought it from.

    Cointracking can be done via CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko and CoinPaprika. This is a simple and straightforward way to get the latest details on prices, liquidity, market cap, and more.  

    Dacxi Coin’s potential uses

    There are a couple of ways you can use Dacxi Coin. You could purchase it as an investment, and keep hold of it to see if its value goes up. It can also be used for staking on the Dacxi Chain network (which can earn you more Dacxi Coin). 

    Of course, the key way to use your Dacxi Coin is through the Dacxi Chain itself.  As the utility token of the world’s first global equity crowdfunding ecosystem, Dacxi Coin plays a few important roles. It enables quick and seamless (and inexpensive) global transfers of investment. It’s used to power the Dacxi Chain’s network of tokenized share exchanges, and pays for blockchain fees and node staking.  

    The Dacxi Coin’s biggest advantages

    • It uses the ‘proof of stake’ validation protocol which makes it an environmentally friendly option
    • You can earn interest on any coins that you use for network staking
    • As the Dacxi Chain’s native crypto, it has a genuine real-world use case
    • Once the Dacxi Chain is fully up and running, Dacxi Coin’s important role within the network means that demand for the coin could rise to the billions
    • There’s a very experienced and proven leadership team behind the coin. 

    The Dacxi Coin’s biggest disadvantages

    • It still has a fairly low profile which could make speculative investment interest slow to get off the ground (particularly in the over-saturated crypto landscape)
    • The Dacxi Chain has yet to launch (its roll-out is in the very early stages) which means demand is still relatively low.

    Is Dacxi Coin a solid investment?

    Dacxi Coin’s supporters believe so. There are those who believe its connection with the Dacxi Chain will turn it into an incredibly valuable and high-potential coin. It has a clear real-world use case, is an environmentally friendly option, and is an innovative example of blockchain technology in action. However, like any crypto – or indeed any investment – there is risk attached. So undertake any due diligence of your own, and make your own assessment regarding whether to include this interesting and intriguing coin in your portfolio.  

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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