ClubRare Embraces E-Commerce Side Of Crypto: Metaverse Focuses On Shopping, Real-Life NFT And Gaming Hosts 100k Competition

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    ClubRare, the world’s first full-stack physical NFT marketplace, has begun to expand internationally in response to the expansion of the Ethereum network. The team is an initiative launched to provide cutting-edge Web3 solutions in the retail and online shopping sectors.

    The platform’s goal is to create a Web3 marketplace focused on physical goods collected by collectors, serve as a link between the virtual and real worlds, and give users more control over their own lives in both spheres.

    In addition, ClubRare is notable for its backing of ClubRare Node, a global e-commerce infrastructure platform for Physical Creators. This ClubRare Node allows Creators to provide their Physical goods to people worldwide without paying for costly distribution networks or servers.

    There are ClubRare Nodes in 18 other countries. E-commerce and Web 3.0 specialists from the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, and Asia work together to form this international group.

    Further, Sandbox, MXN Holdings, Budweiser, MetaZ, Relevant Customs, Naeem Khan are among the platform’s significant partners.

    One and Only “Phygital” Worldwide

    ClubRare is creating a commercial and physical distribution model with collectors at its core. Being native to Web3, the platform enables people to interact with creators, share their work in the Metaverse, and bring their virtual experiences into the real world.

    At the center of ClubRare’s world is its marketplace, a community-owned, decentralized trade platform.

    The Phygital NFT Marketplace offers a full stack to content makers and businesses who wish to trade physical goods based on NFT.

    ClubRare Is Empowering, Rewarding, And Community-Owned

    ClubRare infrastructure is decentralized. The team uses a community-driven platform to have direct conversations with its users.

    Indeed, a system where users have a say in how it is run, where users earn rewards for trying out its product, and where users earn as the system grows in prominence is a unique one. This is the principle upon which ClubRare was established.

    A $100,000 Prize Drawing

    To show support of early adopters, the team has organized the event that will go on until november ends, involving a $100,000 prize pool as part of an LP Competition event.

    The LP Competition event started on November 2nd. The Club’s rare tokens worth $100,000 will be given out to the community’s first members as part of the campaign. This month, the second beta version of ClubRare’s online marketplace will also be published.

    Amazingly, ClubRare Partners Day comes up in December, and it will be hosted at the same time both in the Metaverse and New York city. This tells that tons of perks and opportunities are available to all users.

    Display of Customized NFTs in the Virtual World

    With beta released not long ago, long time holders now can get a glimpse of the future.

    ClubRare gives collectors their little corner of the Metaverse. Also, collectors can set up virtual showcases in the Metaverse to show off their prized possessions.

    This showcase may be linked to other metaverse environments and functions as a little, individualized version of the Metaverse. Mini-metaverses can also be created on ClubRare by anybody, from corporations to individuals looking to spread brand awareness.

    One’s mini-metaverse, inside and out, will be customized to reflect the individual’s style and interests.

    Contributing to the influx of physical creators through the Sustainable Token Economy

    ClubRare is pushing adoption through empowerment of down to earth, physical creators.

    Unlike other ventures that promise a lot but don’t deliver, ClubRare is creating sustainable businesses within the ecosystem.

    In addition, the platform offers a solution to the issue of authenticity and trust via NFT and a physical NFT trading system.

    This solution enables users to trade hundreds of tangible objects at any time, from any location, and any day of the week, without physically transferring the commodity itself.

    Wrapping up, ClubRare provides physical creators with backend solutions. Simply put, ClubRare is a hub that facilitates not just the effortless fabrication of physical NFTs by physical creators but also their connection to and incorporation with Metaverse.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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