5 Reasons Why Silks Is On Another Level Compared To Competitors Like DeRace And Zed Run

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    The crypto market is filled with all sorts of brilliant ideas and the P2E niche is no different. There are many games that are making waves in the gaming community. None are doing so more than Silks.

    While there are also games like DeRace and Zed Run, Silks stands out among its competitors because it has an overall package that is unmatched. Here we list 5 reasons why Silks outpaces all of its competitors.

    5 Reasons Why Silks is a Top P2E Game

    1. It’s Just a Unique Game

    Sure, Silks, DeRace, and Zed Run are all about horse racing, but Silks actually mirrors the real world of horse racing. When a horse in the real world wins, it reflects in the game, rewarding players. That’s a feature its competitors can’t match and it has enormous marketing potential. Furthermore, the metaverse is launching this in Q4 2022, so it’s not long before you’ll be able to see the brilliance yourself.

    2. Some Great P2E Mechanics

    Silks also has a wide variety of gameplay mechanics that rewards players. This includes the ability to breed, train, and race horses. The game also allows you to own land in the game, which has its own monetary rewards, as we shall see. Horse owners, farmers, and racers all collaborate for the best experience.

    3. A Variety of NFT Collections – including Silks Horses

    Silks doesn’t just have one NFT collection – it has multiple! One of these collections is Silks Horses, which are the horses you own and take care of. You’ll be able to see such stats as race earnings, race record, and stud earnings. Other Silks NFT collections include Avatars, Stables, and Land.

    4. Silks Avatars are Cool Representations of Your Identity

    The Silks Avatars can be bought right now.

    A horse needs a jockey and that’s what Silks Avatars are all about. The project has released a total of 10,000 Silks Avatars, which have different traits and rarities. You will need a Silk Avatar to participate in the ecosystem, so you consider checking out the Silks Avatars sale, which is currently taking place. 65% of Silks Avatars have already been sold it has even reached the top 10 sports NFTs on OpenSea. Owning one of these NFTs provides benefits like a lifetime mint pass for the annual Genesis Yearling Sale, exclusive experiences, giveaways, and IRL events. 

    5. Easy Ways to Earn

    All those cool features described above aside, what will attract most gamers to the platform is the fact that there are many ways to earn on Silks. The team has also made some less time-intensive ways to earn, such as the ability to stake in Community Horse Farms. This rewards user in NFTs. You can also build Horse Farms on Silks Land in exchange for a fixed fee and a share of the rewards generated by Silks Horses.

    Few P2E Games Can Race Against Silks

    Silks is proving to be a P2E game that will change how the niche operates. It boasts a unique premise and several significant mechanics. As such, other competitors will have to play catch up if they want to get even near where Silks is.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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