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The Battle For Information Security – Why VPN Has Become Necessary.

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Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

    Mar 3, 2022


    Every year our online life becomes richer and richer: we share with the provider not only photos, work and personal correspondence, our interests, but also passport data, information about cards, about our own location. Our whole life is on the Internet.

    This means that it needs to be protected from external interference.

    At the same time, the Internet itself has become completely different over the past few years — numerous regional blockages, semi-closed services and other restrictions on user actions are only gaining strength. Hackers are gaining strength too.

    To the Yeti team, freedom and security are seen as natural human rights and necessary conditions of life. Today it is uncanny to deny that freedom and security also extend to the Internet.

    That is why we have created our own Yeti VPN service.

    Why Yeti?

    Users must implicitly trust VPN providers not to eavesdrop or record any of their private communications. It is worth noting that VPN providers are commercial companies that may provide their services using other commercial entities (for example, they may use numerous cloud services to achieve a global footprint).

    As a result, even the most reputable and trustworthy suppliers may unwittingly run into vendor-specific difficulties, including spying, misconfiguration, and even hacking. Any of these vulnerabilities could potentially compromise user privacy.

    Well, Yeti solves this problem, we are trusted and very user-friendly. Our operations have a strict code of ethics and activities such as eavesdropping on users are prohibited.

    Our mission

    Our goal is to create the world’s largest decentralized network for people who want to be as secure as possible while on the Web. It is our objective  to create an ecosystem for users around the world, protect them from leaks and theft, and help them make a profit.

    Protect your privacy with Yeti

    Yeti VPN, a free VPN service for iOS and Android devices, was created in 2020. Since that time, the app has had a large number of patch updates, tweaks, and improvements, all of which have improved the overall experience.

    Yeti VPN on the App Store has already had over 300,000 downloads on both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

    Yeti VPN is the most convenient option to enjoy a private, fast and secure Internet connection wherever you are.

    Yeti VPN establishes a secure tunnel between your devices and the Internet, encrypting 100 percent of the data sent through your network with a single click.

    You will not have to worry about your data from any browser as the VPN will operate in all apps because it is a full-featured software for your whole device. In addition, we have also implemented Yeti VPN membership payment via Yeti Coin.

    Yes, we have a whole ecosystem to make it more convenient for users.

    About the yeti ecosystem

    The Yeti Ecosystem is a broad collection of goods and services cantered on Internet security, with the Yeti coin serving as the money used to pay for the services and products of the ecosystem.

    To achieve this, Yeti aspires to be the most secure VPN and the safest end-to-end encrypted messenger by June 2022.YETI already has a cryptocurrency called YETI coin, and this cryptocurrency is intended to provide in-game rewards, weapons, and other accessories in the game, which is currently in the development stage.

    Apart from the Yeti VPN software, the YETI Ecosystem consists of products such as Crypto Yeti NFT Game, Yeti NFT Marketplace, Yeti Video Plugin, and Yeti Messenger.

    By purchasing Yeti Coins, and you can do it on, you can freely use all our services.
    All information you will find on the project website.Website:

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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