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Upcoming NFT Drop Event of is Stirring the Minds of Cricket Fans – Here’s Why

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    Apr 12, 2022


    “Come April 22, 2022; there will be new records created in the world of NFTs,” which was the comment of a few prominent crypto enthusiasts after the official announcement for the upcoming NFT drop event came out. The non-fungible tokens to be sold on April 22 would be for the world’s first NFT-based cricket game, which has garnered further interest in the drop event.

    Apart from this, the prospect of earning while playing has been a crowd-puller for the upcoming event, which can be seen in plain sight through the level of social media interaction on the topic. If you have not heard of the event yet, this blog will give you some precious insights on the upcoming NFT drop event for the world’s first NFT cricket game.

    Breaking the Ice – NFT Drop and the NFT Cricket Game in Detail

    The NFT drop event “Super Loot” is set to happen on April 22, 2022, at the NFT marketplace platform. The event will serve as the base for the upcoming “Meta Cricket League,” which will be the world’s first NFT cricket game. The NFT drop event will be held on the NFT marketplace platform, which could possibly serve as the official NFT marketplace of the NFT cricket game as well.

    All the platforms and products mentioned above have been created by GuardianLink, a Singaporean firm specializing in the development of NFT-based applications such as NFT security protocols and celebrity NFT marketplaces. The company’s official press statement on the NFT drop also mentioned a particularly enticing point, where we can see that the NFT cricket game will only be the first step towards creating a special metaverse for cricket.

    Also, according to the company’s statement, the NFTs to be sold during the NFT drop event would be beneficial for different kinds of people, including hard-core cricket fans, professional gamers, and NFT collectors. The drop event has been attracting people since it will be held amidst a busy cricket season where some of the world’s premier competitions happen, and fans cannot miss the event for sure. 

    What Do We Have in the Super Loot NFT Drop?

    The Super Loot NFT drop event to be held on April 22, 2022, has been a talking point around all social media platforms since the live countdown started ticking on the NFT marketplace’s website. There were a lot of speculations going around on the possible contents present in the NFT drop event.

    Now, many of those speculations have been answered, and most assumptions have come true. The Super Loot NFT drop event is set to provide buyers with NFT items such as digital cricket player cards and digital cricket bat cards. There are also signed and authenticated physical NFT collectibles to be available in the drop event as a present for random buyers.

    The costs of the 25,000 NFT collectibles to be under sale also have been announced by the developers. Purchasing a single NFT collectible would cost someone $25 while buying a set of five NFT collectibles would cost $125. No other possible combinations have been made available for sale so far, although a free treasure box would be provided for purchasers who buy the set of 5 NFT collectibles. 

    Getting into the Super Loot NFT Drop

    Getting into the Super Loot NFT drop event is pretty easy; where the first step is creating an account on the NFT marketplace platform. You would need to provide some personal details (Name, email address, and phone number), along with a secure password to protect your account on the platform. After verifying your account through an email verification process, you would need to fill in the crypto stable coin Tether/USDT into the NFT marketplace’s built-in digital wallet.

    Note that you would need to load in at least 100 Tether/USDT to be able to participate in any trading activity in the future. Now, you are ready to make your first purchase on the NFT marketplace platform during the Super Loot NFT drop event.

    More information can be found on the frequently asked questions (FAQs) section available on the marketplace’s website, which provides comprehensive answers to common and application-specific questions.

    Why Does the Super Loot NFT Drop Kindle the Minds of Cricket fans?

    One could have seen the social media going frenzy after the first announcement of the NFT cricket game came out. There have been a lot of funny and informative posts that spoke in detail about the Super Loot NFT drop, the Meta Cricket league NFT game, and the path to the metaverse as depicted on the roadmap. Also, NFT and gaming enthusiasts let out their speculations on the upcoming NFT drop and the future metaverse cricket game, of which some of them have been realized.

    In community-based discussion platforms such as Discord, Telegram, Reddit, and Clubhouse, there has been a lot of traction due to the speculative comments from such experts. Other crypto and NFT-based online forums have also seen a rise in engagement in discussions related to the Super Loot NFT drop.

    All these engagements have led to igniting the minds of hard-core cricket fans to know more about these virtual tokens, which has been easy, given the amount of information on NFTs available online. Also, with the play-to-earn mechanism nearing their hands, no cricket enthusiast would want to miss creating a new passive income stream with the world’s economic condition in the current age.

    A Few Thoughts Before Ending

    Henceforth, we have seen how the NFT drop event on April 22nd has been generating traction on the internet through different channels. The revelation of the NFT collectibles to be available during the drop event further elevates the hype levels among various strata of people.

    As new information gets announced on the NFT marketplace, we can safely say that the trending charts are going up, with the hashtags #jumptrade and #nftcricketgame occupying the column. Thus, it becomes evident that the Super Loot NFT drop event would break some barriers in the blockchain gaming arena.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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