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LocalCoinSwap Launches Non-Custodial BNB Smart Chain Trading

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    The cryptocurrency ecosystem is expanding, and the needs of traders are constantly changing. As a result, LocalCoinSwap has again evolved to respond to the latest requirements of P2P traders by offering support for cryptocurrencies on BNB Smart Chain with the same first-class non-custodial experience they are well-known for providing.

    So if you are yet to check out LocalCoinSwap, it may be the perfect time to find out why so many traders are moving to this P2P marketplace with a modern touch and a growing selection of options.

    What is LocalCoinSwap?

    LocalCoinSwap is a P2P marketplace that enables you to exchange cryptocurrencies with traders from all over the world with access to 300+ payment methods. P2P trading is secure, private, and best of all; it’s simple enough that anyone can do it.

    With LocalCoinSwap, you can trade using a range of the most popular cryptocurrencies, including USDT, USDC, BNB, BUSD, and DAI, on BNB Smart Chain with full non-custodial trading and wallets.

    Non-Custodial Options are Important

    Concerns are growing about placing your funds and your trust in fully custodial exchanges, and with several high-profile collapses in the past, it’s a valid concern to have. Thankfully, non-custodial trading can put these worries to rest. It enables you to trade transparently on-chain using smart contracts without depositing your cryptocurrency into a managed wallet.

    Better yet, with non-custodial wallets, you remain in control of your cryptocurrency and have access to your private keys, enabling you to access your funds at any time, even if the platform or wallet was to go offline without warning. The movement toward non-custodial trading and wallets is growing, and it’s one of the best ways to manage your cryptocurrency whether for fast exchange or longer-term storage.

    The Benefits of Using BNB Smart Chain

    • Fast confirmations due to 3 second block times
    • Multiple highly liquid and widely traded cryptocurrencies
    • Full non-custodial trading and wallets on LocalCoinSwap
    • Inexpensive transaction fees

    Experience Extreme Flexibility with P2P Trading

    Have you ever felt limited by the number of payment methods supported by order book exchanges? If you answered yes, you’re guaranteed to find P2P trading enticing. Deciding to Trade P2P allows you to benefit from the ultimate flexibility where you trade your way and on your terms.

    While trading P2P, you have access to essentially any payment method. In the case of LocalCoinSwap, that even includes difficult-to-find payment methods like cash which are fully supported alongside the freedom to trade against fiat currencies of your choosing. You also have the opportunity to trade locally or abroad, enabling you to take advantage of the many regional arbitrage opportunities on offer.

    Increasing Demand for Stablecoins

    Demand for stablecoins is increasing across the cryptocurrency ecosystem, but one of the areas where interest in these digital assets is growing the most is the P2P trading community. Leveraging stablecoins ensures that you can enter a trade without having to be concerned about volatility, or at the very least, significantly less volatility in most cases than you may have to deal with when holding other popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

    Removing volatility from P2P trading allows you to explore more advanced payment methods that may take longer to confirm and enter into trades that otherwise would be very challenging. Factoring in volatility is a huge concern for some P2P vendors and even more so to many traders looking to complete remittances without having to be concerned about the extreme volatility that can occur in the cryptocurrency markets.

    Stablecoins help reduce these potential issues and allow traders to be more creative about how they trade. With LocalCoinSwap increasing their stablecoin offerings across multiple networks (including BNB Smart Chain), it’s now easier than ever to explore this yourself.


    While non-custodial trading on BNB Smart Chain was previously limited to crypto-to-crypto exchanges, you can now leverage all the benefits of non-custodial exchange alongside the flexibility of P2P trading.

    LocalCoinSwap offers a modern and flexible P2P trading platform that will meet the needs of even the most experienced vendor all the way through to casual traders looking to cash out for the first time or take their first dip into the cryptocurrency markets. So if you’re trading cryptocurrencies on BNB Smart Chain, it’s well worth exploring to find out why P2P is still one of the best ways to trade.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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