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A Complete Guide to the Newest Crypto Casinos

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    Sep 12, 2022


    O ver the last couple of years, the amount of casino bets placed with digital coins has doubled, which is a clear sign that crypto casinos are flourishing. Hence, it should come as no surprise that new crypto casinos are being launched continuously, as the interest in this ever-growing industry is clearly on the rise.

    In today’s article, we will explore all the relevant information that could help readers choose the best new crypto casino that could ideally match their expectations for their future gambling sessions.

    What to Consider Before Choosing to Play at a New Bitcoin Casino

    1. Licenses are an essential aspect you should consider before deeming whether a casino is worthy of your time and money. Hence, always verify if a new crypto casino has a valid license from a reputable authority such as MGA or UKGC before settling for it.
    2. Always verify if a new crypto casino accepts users from your country and region.
    3. Verify if the casino accepts payments with your cryptocurrency of choice.
    4. Carefully read the Terms and Conditions to fully understand the requirements and regulations imposed by a casino.
    5. Take a look through the game portfolio of the website to make sure it matches your expectations.
    6. Consider looking through the list of bonuses to see if you can unlock a set of incentives that could enhance your gambling experience.
    7. If you are satisfied with all the aspects listed above, you can register on the new crypto casino and start your future gambling adventure!

    Advantages of Playing at New Crypto Casinos

    More often than not, newer casinos aim to offer players exciting features with improved logistics that could motivate them to give up their loyalty to other veteran brands. Hence, playing at new crypto casinos often brings together several impressive perks.

    Improved Security When Processing Payments

    It has been proven several times that the blockchain systems the crypto casinos use when processing payments are much more secure than those of any other payment method.

    The owners of new crypto casinos have invested even more time and resources into improving their data protection systems so users can be guaranteed increased security.

    Diversity should also be guaranteed

    When cryptocurrencies first became an option for casinos to use, most websites only allowed Bitcoin as a payment method, rejecting any other alternative. But newer crypto casinos are welcoming the prospect of processing payments with other digital coins as well.

    Types of Cryptocurrencies

    • Bitcoin

    Considered to be the most popular digital coin available on the market, Bitcoin has been dominating the industry of cryptocurrencies ever since its release in 2008. This digital coin is renowned for its capacity of offering safe transactions to users and for processing payments instantly with an increased level of safety in comparison to other traditional payment methods.

    • Ethereum

    Ethereum is quite possibly the most widely spread cryptocurrency besides Bitcoin in new crypto casinos. Moreover, most users who have adopted Ethereum as their favourite payment method have reported a much faster and more efficient option in comparison to its older alternatives.

    • Litecoin

    Also known as LTC, the Litecoin cryptocurrency was created in 2011 by a former Google employee and has so far received raving reviews from users regarding its impressive speed and overall efficiency.

    • Tether

    Considered by experts to be one of the most stable cryptocurrencies, Tether was developed back in 2014 by the company Tether Limited Inc. Ever since its release, the digital coin has become increasingly popular among crypto enthusiasts, registering now over 69 billion tokens in circulation according to the latest reports. Since 1 digital Tether coin is the equivalent of US$1.00, experts vouch for the stability of this cryptocurrency, which is supposed to remain the same in spite of any significant inflation.

    • Bitcoin Cash

    Thought to be an improved version of Bitcoin, this new digital currency is considered to be a great contender to becoming a popular payment option in online casinos.

    • Ripple

    Although highly similar to other cryptocurrency options, Ripple, also known as XRP, is considered to be less volatile than other digital coins, and therefore a better option for trading when gambling online.

    Customer Support is a high priority for top new crypto casinos

    Older casinos tend to only allow their users to get in touch with the customer support team through email or phone calls. However, new crypto casinos usually strive to offer high-quality support services by allowing customers to get in touch with a trained team of members 24/7 when a technical problem occurs. Usually, the live chat contact option is the most popular.

    Keep an eye on the bonuses provided by new crypto casinos

    Newer crypto casinos acknowledge the importance of providing enhanced incentives for both new and loyal users to encourage them to keep playing for a longer time. Hence, you can expect to find numerous promotions on newer crypto casinos, such as welcome offers, no deposit bonuses, and even no wagering perks. 

    Moreover, it is quite common for newer crypto casinos to offer players additional bonuses when processing payments with digital coins.

    Explore a wider game catalogue when accessing newer crypto casinos

    While older crypto casinos used to have rather poor collections of games, this is usually no longer an issue for newer digital coin gambling websites.

    Several brand-new crypto casinos boast impressive offers of over 1000 games available, with popular slot options like Starburst and Book of Dead usually being included in their collections.

    Learn to Gamble with Cryptocurrency

    If you are new to the cryptocurrency territory, or you want to make sure you don’t miss any essential steps when processing digital coin payments, we have created a thorough step-by-step guide to help you out in this exciting journey.

    To play at new crypto casinos, you should:

    • Open a cryptocurrency account

    While several crypto enthusiasts already have a wallet when they decide to play at new crypto casinos, several newbies should consider choosing a preferred digital coin such as Ethereum or Bitcoin to proceed with their new investment plan.

    You simply need to register your account on an official cryptocurrency website, and you shall immediately receive a digital address tied to your account. 

    • Make a payment

    Before you start playing at a new crypto casino, you should first buy some digital coins. After successfully creating a crypto wallet, you will be allowed to buy coins with any traditional currency you prefer, just like you would buy any other online item.

    Simply choose the type of crypto coin you prefer and the amount you want to buy, and, within moments, your digital account should be founded.

    • Choose a gambling website to wager on

    Now that your crypto wallet has been funded, it is time to start your gambling journey on a brand-new digital coin casino. Choose wisely following the advice provided by reviewing experts to separate the trustworthy casinos from the scam ones.

    A valid license, the overall number of games, and the bonus catalogue provided should be your top priorities to consider before settling for a website to invest in.

    • Register to the website, and make your first deposit

    While some brand-new crypto casinos provide a few no-deposit bonuses, you should know that your digital coin wallet should be used to find your casino deposit before you start wagering real money.

    • Pick a Game

    Now that all the logistics have been taken care of, it is time for you to start discovering the new casino and enjoy the thrill of wagering funds on the top games existing on the market.

    The process of playing with crypto coins is identical to gambling with more traditional currencies, so no format differences should be noticed.

    Before choosing each game, make sure you set the right amount you want to bet, and carefully read the winning odds to better understand your chances of cashing out on your future winnings.

    3 New Crypto Casinos: Editor’s Choice

    To facilitate your journey of choosing a trustworthy crypto casino, our team of experts has joined forces and narrowed down three new crypto casinos that could be an ideal choice for your future gambling adventure.


    Cazimbo is a new crypto casino released in 2021, which perfectly accommodates all the enthusiastic gamblers that prefer to process payments with digital coins, with a strong emphasis on Bitcoin currency. Hence, it comes as no surprise that several pages featuring Bitcoin casinos include Cazimbo as it has received countless favorable reviews from the gambling community.

    The casino boasts an impressive collection of hundreds of Slots, several Live Casino options, and a remarkable list of renowned software providers. Therefore, we find Cazimbo to be a great contender for being considered one of the best new crypto casinos.


    With a great collection of over 3000 games, this 2019 released new crypto casino has received raving reviews from the gambling community ever since its release. 

    Rocketpot could easily be an ideal choice for any crypto user, as it allows payments with several digital coins. This casino is widely sought by Tether enthusiasts, being featured on platforms which present the best gambling options available for users of this digital coin.

    The casino also offers several promotions, including a welcome bonus, and offers fair gambling odds on all of their games. Hence, we think this new crypto casino is a worthy choice of our current selection.

    Spin Away

    Spin Away is a new crypto casino released in 2020. It has already built a strong reputation within the gambling community for offering numerous incentives, impressive customer support services and fair winning odds on its game collection. It also supports most digital coins for processing payments, including Bitcoin and Litecoin.

    This website could be an ideal choice for players that want to gamble at a renowned new crypto casino that has proven countless times that its customer-first policy is the main foundation of its brand.

    Nowadays, new cryptocurrencies and sites and products for them are being released constantly. And since the gambling industry has been one of the early adopters of digital coins, we can expect it will keep coming up with new and exciting ways to accommodate crypto users and offer them increasingly more interactive incentives and even more efficient payment options.

    Disclaimer: This is a guest post. Coinpedia does not endorse or is responsible for any content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products, or other materials on this page. Readers should do their own research before taking any actions related to the company.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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