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KuCoin Exchange Review – Best Exchange For Beginners

Kucoin Exchange - The People's Exchange is a world class blockchain asset exchange. Best platform for Beginners with high quality services.

Last few years has been amazing for crypto exchange. As it helped new business and markets, People want to know more about the crypto exchange.

Today we have come with another review – KuCoin exchange review.

We wish to share some important factors of KuCoin exchange after using the platform.

Let’s find out why KuCoin is amongst the most used cryptocurrency exchange in the market at present.

KuCoin Exchange Review


KuCoin Introduction

kucoin exchange

KuCoin came into existence in 2017 and is headquartered in Hong Kong.  The Firm was found by 12 members, who are blockchain enthusiasts. Micheal Gam is   CEO and owner of KuCoin. Despite being based in Hong long, It is a world-class blockchain asset exchange which is trusted globally.

KuCoin own cryptocurrency called KuCoin shares(Kcs) for its exchange users. 

For some time, it was in the top 10 most active exchanges in the world that was attracting the most crypto trading volume.

KuCoin Features

  • Multiple  Supported Cryptocurrencies

More than 370 cryptocurrencies/pairs traded on KuCoin. Popular cryptocurrencies traded are BTC, BCH, DBC, KSC, ETH, and many more.

Furthermore, it is a crypto-to-crypto exchange which does not support fiat currency, but you can find many pairs of USDT currency.

  • KuCoin Trading Fees

The trading fee is 0.1% and it doesn’t require any extra deposit fee except transferring a particular currency. As well as, you can get max discount up to 30% for buying kcs of a certain limit.

The important feature is that only KCS holders can receive this discount as per the model.

1% discount on trading fees for every user holding at least 1000 KCS  and the maximum discount of 30% on users holding 30,000 KCS. For deposits, the transaction fee is ZERO.

For Kucoin withdrawals, fees vary for different currencies, for details visit Kucoin.

  • Global Presence

KuCoin works in a lot of countries around the world such as US, UK, Canada, Japan, Indian, Australia, Singapore, etc. Moreover, they are not active in China due to Chinese government policy which recently banned all cryptocurrency activities in their country.

  • Support

KuCoin customer support is on a top level. Also, their live chat feature is robust and spot handling of minor problems.

FAQ section to answer for most likely to ask questions.

How To Get Started on KuCoin?

It’s very easy to get started on KuCoin exchange. You need to provide a valid email and password to get started on it. However, you have to go through the AML/KYC process to withdraw more than 2 BTC.

  • KYC verified individual account 100btc/24 hr.
  • KYC verified institution account 500btc/24 hr.

The KYC verification process is submitting documents, providing details to all questions and authorizing KuCoin to complete the verification process. Besides, the processing time for each KYC Verification is between 2-4 weeks, depends on the total volume of submissions.

Buy/Sell at KuCoin

KuCoin exchange maintains order books to match buyers and sellers. In the top menu select “markets”, there you will find different pairs, choose one, you will be shown last trades made. You will see the order books on the left side.

To buy/sell, specify your price and select the amount in ETH. The BTC will be shown. Trade fee also displayed.


KuMex is a crypto derivatives trading platform of KuCoin. KuCoin launched the beta version on July 8, 2019. 

KuCoin claims that KuMex will offer up to 20 times leverage. KuMEX wants to create a fair trading environment and lower the threshold for investors. 

Is KuCoin Safe?

Given its last year’s record, we can say it is a safe exchange to trade some exciting cryptocurrencies that you might not find on any other exchange.

Moreover, another unique thing that this exchange offers is NEO GAS for holding NEO cryptocurrency on the KuCoin exchange. NEO GAS is created on the exchange and is provided to NEO holders. Only Binance exchange contains this functionality.

Overall, there is 50 % bonus for KCS holders on KuCoin exchange, sharing with these users from its trading fee earnings.

Another cool thing is  KuCoin exchange UI in 12 different languages and prices in more than 30 fiat currencies

For KuCoin exchange users, the UI is available in 12 different languages and prices in more than 30 fiat currencies.

Pros :

Easy to use: the interface of Kucoin is easy and simple to use. For Beginners; it’s a perfect platform.

Rewards and promotions: Kucoin provides promotions for users who have KCS token and it works as a source of income.

Cons :

No fiat currency: Kucoin supports only crypto-crypto trading.

Withdrawal fees: Kucoin has different withdrawal fees for different coins. Some are free and some are very costly.


Overall, By looking at all the points. We say Kucoin is safe and easy to use cryptocurrency exchange. If you are a beginner, then Kucoin is the best platform for you.  It has the best customer service 24/7. Referral programs for users which is an extra source of income. Kucoin seems ready to be a leader for cryptocurrency exchange with the competitive trading and withdrawal fees and no fees for a deposit.

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Latest Kucoin Exchange Review(2019)
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Latest Kucoin Exchange Review(2019)
Kucoin Exchange - The People's Exchange is a world class blockchain asset exchange. Best platform for Beginners with high-quality services.
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