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Beginner’s Guide to HitBTC: Complete Review 2020

Want to use HitBTC Exchange? Thinking about its trading feature and fees? In this HitBTC review, I bring forth to you the information you need to know about this exchange.

HitBTC Review


About HitBTC

HitBTC boasts itself as the “most advanced Bitcoin exchange.”

HitBTC is one of the advanced exchange platforms started in 2013. The platform supports the crypto currency, tokens, ICO’s and fiat currency. Fiat currency supported are USD and EUR. 


HitBTC, developed  in 2013 by a team of finance experts and engineers and since then, HitBTC has been providing markets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Monero, USDT, and more than 300 cryptocurrencies in total.

The exchange was created by outstanding technical minds, high-level finance professionals and experienced traders. HitBTC is delivering a fast and powerful platform solution on the market.


Features of HitBTC exchange

The features of HitBTC are exceptional and hold a lot of significance when it comes to trading and exchange. The company provides great liquidity for the most popular trading pairs. For trusted customers, there are no limits when it comes to deposits and withdrawals.

The trading fee is low, i.e. 0.1% on every trade, thus transactions can be managed easily. The trading engine is fast as it works on advanced and hi-speed software. This cryptocurrency exchange also provides tools such as price widgets for analysis of various markets and currencies. Thus, a trader could be intelligent in the trading volumes and current market trends before making any investments.

It has a powerful API i.e. REST which provides access to market data. The developers could use this API to integrate HitBTC in their applications. 

The company also provides affiliate programs. Any user who could recommend or refer HitBTC as the platform for trading and exchange could earn rewards for the same.

Additionally, HitBTC does not require registration, delivers full access to trading, and has unlimited top-ups for your balance.

  • High liquidity
  • Cutting-edge matching engine technologies
  • No limits for deposits/withdrawal of digital assets
  • HitBTC fees are low
  • More than 150 instruments available
  • High level of security

Types of Orders Available on HitBTC

There are 4 types of orders available for HitBTC users.

  • Market orders. These orders give an opportunity to sell or buy the chosen instrument at the market price.
  • Limit orders. This type of order means that the trade will be executed only for a certain price or a better one.
  • Stop orders. This type of order is good for highly volatile markets. These orders execute trades at specified prices.
  • Stop-limit orders. This kind of order is a limit order for a determined price. As the price reaches the stop price, the order turns into a limit order. 

HitBTC Trading Platform

This cryptocurrency exchange offers a web-based platform, something common among crypto-exchanges. the layout available at HitBTC is fairly nice. Here is a preview:

hitbtc trade

Charting is provided by TradingView and a pop-up feature is provided for more detailed analysis. 

Though HitBTC doesn’t have an official mobile platform, BitUniverse team and many others have developed a third party trading terminal with all in one user experience including auto portfolio tracking, pro candle with TA and trade features.

How to register a new account on HitBTC?

In order to register a new account on HitBTC, log on The user can then register by clicking on the tab “register”. Enter the details such as Email ID and password. The password should be minimum 6 characters in length with one uppercase, lowercase, and a digit. Once the details are complete, a verification email goes to the email ID, which you need to activate to log in.

Markets – HitBTC trading

HitBTC has all the required tools for market analysis. The user can click on the markets tab where a market overview is available. The increment and decrement in the market value of a trading pair are also available on this platform. The user can also go through the market activity (buying/selling) of different crypto currencies based on different timelines such days or months.


HitBTC Fees

For buying a crypto currency, select the kind of order i.e. limits order, stop order, or stop limit order. The user can then select the amount and place the order.

The transaction fee of 0.1% would be applicable to the same.

For selling a crypto currency, select the market and kind of order. The user can then select the amount and place the order. The transaction fee for selling is 0.1%. There is also a rebate of 0.01% on the limit and stop limit orders.


Security at HitBTC

HitBTC review has tried to cover all aspects for you. Security is one of them. HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange is also a very secure platform when it comes to digital currency. A user can enable two-factor authentication on their devices to protect their currency from any cyber crimes and also eliminate the risk of volatility.

For enabling 2FA, download the Google authenticator on a device. Then scan the QR code of HitBTC account and sync them. Thus, every time there is a login attempt, a 6-digit code would go to the registered mobile number. This would add a layer of security to the account.

Apart from 2FA, there is cold storage available for securing the money. The advanced technology is used for encrypting the data. The servers are secured through SSL. The company also shares trading tips based on experience for its user through blogs. Also, a free demo is available on the platform without getting a registration.

Latest Update:

Nov 15, 2019: The exchange got listed as one of the top exchanges as per CoinMarketCap’s Liquidity metrics.

Sep 1, 2019: HitBTC exchange trading fees got reduced. Taker fees reduced to 0.02% while maker fees upto 0.01%

Conclusion – Is HitBTC Legit? 

HitBTC has had some fatal issues in the past. While there’s no specific issue you can put your finger on, the exchange just brings up too many red flags. Personally and especially after what I’ve been through with them, I would recommend staying away from this exchange if possible. 

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Have you had any experience with the HitBTC review? I’d love to hear what you think about it in the comment section below. Also, please share your views on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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