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BitQuick Exchange – The Easiest Exchange To Trade Bitcoins

Wanna buy Bitcoin in anonymity? But unaware of which exchange provides the best platform to invest? Ok! there you are in a dilemma. Relax!  As you know many exchanges claim they are best, but we filter them from safety to trust. One such platform solely made for bitcoin lover i.e BitQuick Exchange.  Do you know why Bitquick exchange is considered as the easiest exchange to buy bitcoin in the world? 

So, if you’re an enthusiast who wants to invest in bitcoin, then in this BitQuick review you will find one of the easiest method to buy Bitcoins.

BitQuick Review

What is BitQuick?

BitQuick is one of the easiest platforms to buy instant Bitcoins. The company provides a marketplace where a buyer and a seller can connect easily. Bitquick exchange is used for buying and selling Bitcoins. Founded by Jad Mubaslat in 2013 with headquarters in Cincinnati, US. One of the top crypto exchange to offer a variety of currencies.

It could be rightly said that BitQuick is providing one of the cheapest platforms to convert cash or fiat currency to Bitcoins in a very short span of time. BitQuick is accepted in several regions such as CA, EU, RU, AU, and the US. Thus, opening more prospects for the Bitcoin enthusiast.

Payment gateway

The payment gateway is one important aspect when it comes to successful transactions. Easy payment gateways provide more convenience to the users. There are two payment methods accepted on BitQuick.

The first mode of payment is cash i.e. a user or to be precise a buyer can make a cash deposit directly in the seller’s account. The second mode of payment is a SEPA transfer. SEPA is the Single Euro Payments Area that simplifies the bank transfers in Euro.

Apart from these two payment methods, the company has Money gram and the Western Union as other payment options. A user can buy Bitcoins by paying processing fees of 2%. Bitcoins can also be sold on the same platform without any processing fee.

Once a user has made the payment to buy Bitcoins, it is processed within 3 hours. Sometimes it may take more than 3 hours to process the Bitcoin but its maximum it can go up to 24 hours. If a user tries to make a bigger transaction, a government photo identification proof is required. In the case of missing documentation, the Bitcoins are not released by the company.

BitQuick Partners

Athena Bitcoins, the most trusted Bitcoin ATM is the medium for BitQuick. The company is also partners with Boost VC and OSBG (Ohio State Bitcoin Group). BitQuick also has a mobile application that is compatible with both Android and iOS. This makes the technology handier and on the go.

BitQuick has recently launched its affiliate programs where a user can refer this platform to other enthusiasts and earn Bitcoins in return. There are up to 50% commissions involved with monthly payment and bonus.

How to buy Bitcoins?

In order to Buy Bitcoins using BitQuick, three major steps are involved to place an order. Firstly, a user can enter a purchasing budget. This value is then evaluated in terms of Bitcoins.

How to buy Bitcoins on BitQuick?

In the second step, select the preferred bank out of the list of most popular banks with which the payment has to be made. The list of banks are separated on the basis of transaction amount i.e. below 10$ and greater than 1000$.

select the preferred bank

In the third step, select the state; enter the email ID and contact number. The email ID is verified through a verification link while the phone number is verified through a code that goes to the registered mobile number. A user has to then enter the Bitcoin address.

Verification at Bitquick

How to sell Bitcoins on BitQuick?

How to sell Bitcoins on BitQuick?

In order to sell Bitcoins using the BitQuick platform, the user needs to fill a sell form. It requires several details such as Bank information (bank name, account number, account name) email ID, minimum transaction size, maximum transaction size, etc. A user needs to decide the amount he wants to sell. Another feature is setting a modification pin so that it can be used for authentication or modify the order later.

Once the form is filled, the user can deposit the amount in the escrow address. These escrows are responsible for holding the Bitcoin till the order is confirmed. Once the buyer confirms the order, it takes the 3 hours to process the transaction.

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Final Verdict

For quick transactions, Bitquick is the best exchange. Some users report selling almost hundreds of BTC in a matter of minutes, which is amazing. Overall, Bitquick is the best to exchange for Bitcoin investors.

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