What is Bitbay?

Bitbay is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Poland. The company aims to provide innovative solutions for finance by providing a convenient platform of cryptocurrency. The company currency deals in four major cryptocurrency markets i.e. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Lisk.

The company has partnered with Bitcantor,, btc for sms, Bitflora, Crypto news,, etc.

Features of Bitbay Exchange

The company has various exceptional features for its users. It provides professional support to its users when it comes to trading and exchange. The user can monitor all its operations whether it’s regarding an exchange or trading a currency.

All the activities can be received in the form of notifications and confirmations personally. The user can access the account history and even download it in the form of pdf.

The company provides a user-friendly interface where easy and fast deposits and withdrawals are available. The platform follows the strict standard for security and compliance.

He can enable two-factor authentication. Under this feature, a user can download Google authenticator on his device and scan the QR code of the Bitbay account. Thus, every time a user tries to log in, a 6-digit code goes to the registered mobile number. This adds an extra layer of security for the Bitbay account.

Market tools at Bitbay

Bitbay provides a mobile application and a mobile site for its user’s convenience. The application has several features such as Bitcoin Ticker, Checker, and Simple Bitcoin widget. There are professional and real time charts available for stating the exchange rates. These charts are for a particular trading pair or an individual market.

A user can earn through Bitbay by registering for affiliate accounts. An affiliate will refer Bitbay to other individuals. Thus, every new individual that sign up with Bitbay, an affiliate earns 20% of that user’s transaction.

Bitbay Exchange also provides debit cards to its users. These debit cards could be used for making payments at the super market, online stores etc. The debit cards are applicable only to Polish users. The user can also make ATM withdrawals. For funding the Bitbay account, the user can use Bitcantor and Bitbay Pay

Another interesting feature about Bitbay is that a user can pay their bills online in terms of Bitcoins. The Bill can be paid only on weekdays till 1 Pm. Only one bill per day is allowed. A user can check the bill history for updating the records.

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How to register a new account on Bitbay?

In order to register a new account on Bitbay, the user can log on to The user can then click on “Create an account”. The platform would request the user to enter a valid email ID only. To activate the account, the user will have to click the verification link that goes to the user’s registered email ID.

Once the account is activated, the user has to enter further information such as username and create a password. The user will also have to set a customer service pin. This pin shall be applicable every time he calls the customer service.

Bitbay registration

Buy/Sell at Bitbay

In order to buy or sell, the user has to add funds in his Bitbay account. Three fiat currencies are acceptable at Bitbay i.e. EUR, PLN, and USD. The user can use Bitcantor or Bitbay pay to add money. Once there is sufficient balance, the exchange can be done.

For buying or selling, select the fixed amount and the market the user wishes to invest in. It is always preferable to check the real time pricing of the market before making any investments. The user can then proceed with the order.

Bitbay exchange

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