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The popularity of cryptocurrencies, as well as their value, has grown significantly since the second half of 2020. But there are still not many sites that cover the full spectrum of services that would bring crypto into the mainstream.

As a promising new sector, the need for a crypto marketplace that services a wide range of users is clear. 

What is is a cryptocurrency and decentralized marketplace where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency with minimal commission. Started in 2020, it has grown into a fully-fledged and all-inclusive international cryptocurrency hub with a complete ecosystem.

Some of the services that users can find on include buying, selling, trading, and exchanging crypto and fiat currencies, as well as a marketplace for luxury items that can be bought directly with various cryptocurrencies. 

The website allows users to buy and sell bitcoin and over 80 other top cryptocurrencies with the top 21 fiat currencies, make payments while offering low trading fees. Its Escrow service grants merchants access to the crypto sector.

It achieves this through seamless integration between blockchain-based digital assets and traditional payment gateways. This solves the existing problems of the current fiat and digital asset sectors when leveraging the benefits of crypto penetration.

This is a powerful feature that eliminates all the issues associated with the conversion of cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies. It has all the components to empower merchants to handle their business conveniently. All the transactions across this platform are done in a fast and instant manner.

Protected by an escrow protection mechanism

They are also protected by an escrow protection mechanism. The currency conversions on this platform are powered by various technologies of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

According to a Nomura Instinet survey, over half of U.S. retailers accept bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, as a form of payment. But currently, only a few hundred online shops and a few thousand physical merchants accept Bitcoin.

The survey found that 60% of merchants would take the digital coin instead of dollars, including 100 U.S. merchants across various industries with over $100,000 in annual revenue.’s Escrow mechanism allows online stores and eCommerce sites to eliminate all the issues associated with the conversion of cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies. They can now accept a variety of cryptocurrencies and conveniently convert them. It imposes only very low charges for transactions, compared to existing alternatives.  

Additional Features is on the lower end of centralized exchange when it comes to trading fees. Though different products are priced differently, it is a reliable fiat-to-crypto gateway in the crypto industry.

Beyond natively integrating to third-party wallets and storage apps, offers a mainstream, user-friendly approach to entering the crypto sector and a straight-forward user experience. 

Additionally, there is a ‘one and done’ policy when it comes to KYC user validation. This means the checkout process will be quick. is a beginner-friendly crypto trading platform that makes it super easy to acquire, exchange, and spend crypto.

Users can deposit any amount of money to get started. As such, they won’t go bankrupt while getting their feet wet. Additionally, anyone can make use of its other crypto services like the Escrow, Marketplace, or the Learning Center. offers a pretty unique proposition. It lists a solid selection of cryptocurrencies and offers a variety of methods for funding your account. Trading fees are competitive, and its additional services bring value to different types of users. Meanwhile, the Marketplace section where users can buy luxury items and real estate with crypto is a first in the industry.

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