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Online Gambling is creating a rage all over the world, and people tend to use these easily accessible sites to win some amazing assets. But there is one such site which accesses only the cryptocurrencies while carrying out the online gambling services, Coin open. Players can use the change and exchange of these digital currencies to play on this online gambling platform. Cryptocurrency includes Bitcoin, Litecoin, and others. People tend to open their digital account on this site and play games according to the deposits made. Once the account is created many benefit-rich bonuses and rewards are given to the customers to enable them in having a flawless experience of online gambling. Coin open payments are made only through cryptocurrencies, and no other means are used.

Some of the features of this online gaming site are:


The site is quite efficiently accessed as the user-interface is quite smooth and flawless. The cryptocurrency is accessed here, and once the transfer is generated, then it can’t be generated back.

No Bot Policy

The site does not use any bots, which makes it free from any such malicious activities which prevail in some fake organizations, your deposits and assets are kept safe. The use of virtual money also assures that the data is limited to only the authorized individual, and the chances of loss of information and data are quite negligible.

Exclusive Accounts

As the deposits and transfer of data are done through the virtual- money platform, an exclusive account is created on the website. All the benefits and rewards are automatically generated for the customers. Other details or notices are also shared on this exclusive site.

Coin Open Bonus

This site also provides you with the exciting and motivating rewards which pave your way to the elite level of this game. You can avail the offers even before investing any payments. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin are transferred to your account in New Player policy, which can be availed for a shorter period and also for the games which are not too expensive. Bonus is also credited to the loyal customers, and a certain amount is weekly added in their virtual currency account, but the bonus money can be availed on this platform only, and they are not delivered to your real bank accounts.

Coin Open Affiliates

This site affiliates with a lesser number of banks as the use of cryptocurrency is quite rare and limited on these online gambling platforms. Any rewards can be availed within 60 minutes of the transfer. The affiliates can confirm any query related to the games 24 hours a day through online, chatting. Also, the problems of the affiliates are sold effectively. It is also made sure that the customer’s bank account details are made confidential.

Coin Open Casino

It is amongst the most prominent and money-spinning platforms on the site. One can initiate with at least money as he/she wants to. There are lots of jackpots and rewards on offer, even with the least possible investments. The price of the jackpot is variably changed, which keeps the customer on their toes and guessing. The winner is determined when the timer is set for 2 minutes for the jackpot; greater investments makes it easier to win big bucks. Even if the result is not in your favor, some consolation points even then are awarded to your exclusive accounts.

Referral Policy

Referral deposits are made to your account for up to 20%. Even if the referred account refers to other accounts, the referral bonus is deposited. Weekly deposits are made for the most significant users.


The site exclusively uses Cryptocurrencies, and thus the customers who are not aware of it or play with real money won’t be able to play on this site. Also, the servers of this site are sometimes slow and ineffective, which makes it quite annoying for the customers to continue.

Transfers on this site are irreversible and cannot be retained if a certain deposit is made. Lack of accessibility in many countries makes it quite an average experience of gambling for many enthusiasts.

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