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Curve Finance Review 2023: A Look at Its Features and Benefits

Author: Sohrab Khawas

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    Cryptocurrency is rapidly gaining popularity as a form of alternative investment. One of the newest and most promising projects in the crypto space is Curve Finance, a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform founded in 2020. It aims to provide a stable and efficient way to trade different cryptocurrencies. In this article, we will provide an in-depth review of Curve Finance and the unique features that make it stand out in the crowded DeFi market


    Official Web Address 
    Country of OriginRussia
    FounderMichael Egorov
    Founding Year2020
    Exchange TypeDecentralized
    Trading OptionsSwap
    Gas fees0.04%
    No of Tokens100+
    Native TokenCRV
    Fiat currenciesNot supported
    Mobile AppNo official mobile app

    What is Curve Finance?

    Curve Finance is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that was established by a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and developers, with Michael Egorov as the founder and CEO in January 2020. The platform was made available to the public in May 2020. It runs on the Ethereum blockchain which has a focus on contributing low-impact liquidity for stablecoins. The exchange has a distinct liquidity pool mechanism that combines multiple stablecoins and automatically adjusts their relative weights to reduce the market price effect for traders. 

    Curve Finance offers a variety of stablecoin pools, such as DAI and USDC for users to trade on. Users can trade by adding liquidity to the pools or by taking liquidity from the pools. The platform uses a unique algorithm to maintain minimal price changes and high liquidity.

    Curve Finance has its own token referred to as CRV. It is an ERC-20 token that has multiple functions on the platform. The users who offer liquidity to the pools on Curve will be rewarded with CRV for their contribution. CRV holders are also capable of voting on propositions for modifications to the platform, for example, a proposed fee structure.

    Curve Finance 2023 Home Page


    Curve Finance is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that focuses on providing stablecoin trading pairs with low slippage and high liquidity. Some of its key features include

    • Liquidity pools: Curve uses a unique liquidity pool model that allows users to provide liquidity and earn trading fees in return.
    • Low slippage: The platform is designed to minimize price slippage, which helps to ensure that users get the best prices when trading.
    • Multiple stablecoin pools: Curve offers a variety of stablecoin pools, including DAI, USDC, USDT, and more.
    • Decentralized governance: The platform is governed by its users through the Curve DAO, which allows for community-driven decision-making.
    • Multi-chain support: Curve supports multiple blockchain networks, including Ethereum, xDAI, Harmony, Arbitrum, Avalanche, and Polygon.
    • Stablecoin farming and liquidity provision: Users can earn yield from their deposited stablecoins by providing liquidity to the pools and farming their deposited assets.
    • Yield Farming: Curve also has a feature for Yield farming on its platform where users can stake their liquidity and earn rewards in different tokens. 

    Cryptocurrencies available on Curve Finance

    The exchange supports a variety of cryptocurrencies, including stablecoins and Bitcoin ERC20s. The specific cryptocurrencies available on the platform may vary over time. Some of the stablecoins and Bitcoin ERC20s that are currently supported by Curve Finance include:

    • Stablecoins: DAI, USDC, USDT, TUSD, BUSD, sUSD, and more
    • Bitcoin ERC20s: renBTC, WBTC, sBTC 
    • Other crypto assets: YFI, YFII, LEND, CRV (Curve’s native token) and more

    How Does Curve Finance Work?

    The exchange uses a liquidity pool and an automated market maker (AMM) algorithm to provide a stable and efficient trading experience. The liquidity pool is made up of different stablecoins, such as USDC and DAI, that are deposited by users. Based on the current demand and supply of each asset, the AMM algorithm determines the price. 

    When a user wants to trade one asset for another, they can do so directly on the Curve platform. The AMM algorithm will automatically adjust the prices of the assets based on the trade, ensuring that there is minimal slippage and high liquidity. The user can then withdraw their assets from the liquidity pool at any time.

    Why Use Curve Finance?

    Some of the key benefits of using Curve Finance include

    • Stability: By using a liquidity pool of stablecoins, Curve Finance provides a stable trading environment that is less affected by market fluctuations. This makes it a great option for users who want to protect their assets from volatility.
    • Efficiency: The AMM algorithm ensures that users can trade their assets with minimal slippage and high liquidity. This means that users can get the best possible price for their trades and have their assets quickly and easily.
    • Decentralization: As a decentralized platform, Curve Finance offers a level of security and autonomy that is not possible with centralized exchanges. This makes it a great option for users who value their privacy and control over their assets.
    • Flexibility: Curve Finance supports a wide range of different stablecoins and cryptocurrencies, giving users the flexibility to trade the assets that they prefer.

    How to Swap Tokens on Curve Finance

    To swap cryptocurrency on the Curve Finance exchange, follow these steps:

    1. Log on to the Curve Finance website
    2. Now connect your wallet, such as MetaMask or WalletConnect, which is compatible with the platform
    3. Choose the cryptocurrency you want to swap on both sides of the trade
    4. Click on the “exchange” button
    5. To sell a cryptocurrency, click on “Sell”
    6. The new currency will be added to your wallet and you will receive a notification confirming the transaction’s success.

    Exchange Fees & Supporting Payments

    The Curve DAO determines the fees and parameters for the pools. As of now, the fee for all pools is 0.04%, with half going to liquidity providers and the other half going to veCRV holders who are members of the DAO.

    Customer Support

    You don’t need to create an account in order to trade on this exchange. However, you need to connect a compatible wallet to the exchange. In case of customer support, you can connect with the exchange team through the following channels



    Email: [email protected] 

    Meanwhile, you can also check the FAQs section for generic questions and troubleshooting problems.


    In this review, we see that Curve Finance is a promising new platform that provides a stable and efficient way to trade different cryptocurrencies. It uses a liquidity pool and AMM algorithm to stand out from the crowded DeFi market. The security and autonomy provided by its system to the users are applaudable features. Moreover, the transaction fee is less compared to other exchanges. Hence if you are looking to trade stablecoins or other cryptocurrencies, Curve Finance is a good option to consider. However, we recommend you understand your needs and do your own research before you invest in cryptocurrency exchanges. Do not invest your life savings and assets you cannot afford to lose in this exchange as there are risks involved in being a liquidity provider. 


    How do I provide liquidity to Curve Finance?

    The exchange allows individuals to deposit stablecoins and Bitcoin ERC20s into liquidity pools, where they are converted into cTokens or yTokens. These cTokens and yTokens can be used for lending and borrowing on the platform, and can also be deposited directly if a person already holds them.

    Is Curve Finance safe to use?

    Curve Finance is a safe and secure platform to deposit and hold cryptocurrency. The platform implements various security measures, such as a single transaction feature, to protect users’ assets from potential hacking attempts

    How can I get support if I have any issues with Curve Finance?

    You can contact the support team through their official social media channels or their community-driven Telegram group and GitHub to find answers and solutions. 

    Can I trade anonymously on Curve Finance?

    Yes, if you have connected your wallet with Curve Finance you can trade anonymously on the platform

    • Gas Fees
    • Earning Programs
    • Security
    • Customer Support


    • Low transaction fees
    • High liquidity pools
    • High yield savings


    • Not easy for beginners
    • Limited assets
    • Risk of liquidity issues
    • Risk of smart contracts
    • Risk of impermanent loss
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