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AirSwap DEX

Airswap DEX is another decentralised exchange. The exchange lets people to instantly trade ERC and more than 70 ERC-20 compliant tokens. However, is the exchange to be trusted in the long run? Let us understand the exchange in-depth in this Airswap review.

Airswap DEX Review


About Airswap DEX

AirSwap DEX is a decentralized exchange that allows people to buy and sell ERC-20 compliant tokens whenever they are interested, simply by setting an amount, getting a price and making a trade, after connecting their wallets.

AirSwap Features

  • It is secure peer to peer trading – personal digital wallet secure transactions
  • No sign-ups, deposits or trading fees – With AirSwap, there are no fees for buying, selling or trading.

The Air Swap platform consists of 3 important aspects for investors to understand.

  • First is Air Swap Index – Enables traders to discover each other with ‘Intent to Trade’
  • Second is Air Swap Oracles – Algorithms that provide real-time Pricing Data for traders to make educated Trading decisions
  • Third is Air Swap Token (AST) – The cryptocurrency of the Air Swap Platform.

Wallet Compatibility

AirSwap is compatible with MetaMask or Ledger wallets. For connecting with MetaMask, a user will get a pop up approval message that appears for them to sign and they will be ready to trade. Signing the approval message confirms that they control the account and other peers will trust them for who they say they are.

For Ledger users, they first configure their device with the browser support and then set the contract dataset to enabled. They can then select the Ledger wallet to select their wallet. They are then able to sign a message on their Ledger and they will be ready to trade on the platform once that is approved.

Additionally, It is also compatible with Trezor hardware wallet.

airswap wallet

Other aspects

The DEX does not list any tokens but allows people to find a counterparty for trading a variety of assets. Users can show the amount of gas they would like to spend on the network. This is the fee collected by miners to compute transactions. The amount selected affects the time the trade lasts on the network before they approve it.

Definitely, the speed increases with the increase in the amount of gas paid. Once the transaction is complete, a success indicator appears on the link. Those who sell receive “Wrapped” ether and are able to unwrap it.

AirSwap DEX Trade View:

Traders can access the platform here-

airswap trade

How Airswap DEX works

The AirSwap token serves as a token for market makers on the DEX. Makers, who are liquidity providers, offer the bid price or the amount that they would want to exchange their asset for. Anyone can be a liquidity provider on AirSwap DEX, simply by signaling that they want to do this. Signaling amount is 100 AST and locking this amount entitles you to signal 10 trades. The liquidity takers will accept the bid price. On AirSwap, they pay nothing to discover bids from makers. Discovery is through the information from the AirSwap Oracle,  AirSwap Indexer, or via Ethereum smart contract.

On the website, click “Make trades” button and it direct you to a page that allows you to buy or sell on the web. Select the relevant button to find buyers or sellers for various tokens. You can type in the token you want to trade after selecting Buy or Sell by clicking the relevant buttons.

On clicking the token you want to buy, a pop-up window allows you to select your wallet — either Metamask, Ledger and Trezor.

On selecting, it connects to the wallet and connects the wallet to You then sign an approval message and are ready to trade on approval, as explained above.

Advantages of using AirSwap

To begin with, Like many other DEXs, it aims at better scaling. Also, censorship resistance to not to have geographical limitations, and ensure that the trades are more private.

AirSwap, like the name suggests, executes the swaps instantly between the parties. Another advantage is that it allows you to build storefronts, marketplaces, and auctions on its DEX network. Thus, with it, you can construct business and commerce models on the blockchain. That means you can use it to accept crypto payments directly.

AirSwap Token

AST, or the AirSwap Token, is the membership token of the AirSwap decentralized exchange.

Token Summary

Symbol: AST

Specification: ERC20

Network: Ethereum

Circulating Supply: 150,000,000 AST

Total Supply: 500,000,000 AST

About the team

AirSwap team

Aiswap DEX Team

The co-founders are Michael Oved and Don Mosites who first met as students at Carnegie Mellon University, parting after graduation, but coming together later to pursue the project. Deepa Sathaye was the first engineer on the team. The project has support from . Joesph Lubin, Bill Tai, Brock Pierce, and Michael Novogratz.

Latest Updates:

  • Aug 6. 2019: Introducing AirSwap Trader
  • Jul 25, 2019: Tokenized Asset Portfolio, a model to include Real World Assets in DeFi Credit Facilities was introduced
  • Apr 26, 2109: AirSwap Instant 2.0, a public beta trading experience was released.


The AirSwap platform got off to a strong start back in 2017. Airswap has been around forever in crypto-years. It’s been super intriguing seeing the platform evolve, improve based on feedback, implement new features. The platform has established itself as a reputable DEX.
To summarise the AirSwap review, the exchange just may be the future of decentralized crypto exchanges since it offers a solution with its P2P protocol, with the bonus of users not having to pay fees.

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