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Start date12/12/2016
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Info about Darcrus

Steven Grove, the founder of Sigwo Technologies and a blockchain expert founded Darcrus. The main aim of the Company is to provide software and the consultancy solutions for the other companies. Accordingly, it wants to have the better power of blockchain technology to improve their infrastructure.

It outlines the development with the launch of three different projects. Henceforth, it is the first one of these is the dAppsheet. It is an easy way to use the application that will allow the other companies to replicate their databases in a running dAppsheet Node. Therefore, it is a secure application with an advanced recovery system. This allows its nodes to recover information by re-plugging into the blockchain. Darcus also aims to ensure that companies can have a smooth transition with the highest ease and security. The first dAppsheet prototype is on its way and is expected to be released before the end of ICO.  Many Companies are  also looking into the benefits that dAppsheet and it may bring them.

The Darcrus Initial Coin offering period will continue till December 11th.

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