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Stellar Information

Algorithm Array
Proof type N/A
Start date 19/07/2013
Coin Tag XLM
Website Stellar

Information About Stellar

Stellar is a platform that connects banks, payments techniques, and individuals. Integrate to maneuver money swiftly, reliably, and at just about no fee.


Scale back fee of smaller transfers. Present incremental cost options to your clients.

Send cash to unique nations quickly, for a fraction of a cent. Facilitate inexpensive repayments between one-of-a-kind currencies.

Mobile MONEY
Make cellular money systems interoperable. Let your consumers ship MM to recipients with exclusive vendors.

SOCIAL organizations + NGO tasks
Use low-cost fiscal services to bring about sustainable social change.


Stellar Core

Stellar Core is the spine of stellar network and does the tough work of validating and agreeing on the repute of each transaction with other occasions of Core via the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP).


The Horizon is customer-facing API server for stellar ecosystem. It acts as an interface between Stellar Core and applications that need to access stellar community. If you are running Stellar Core, you’re going to more often than not also want to run Horizon.

Federation Server

A standalone Federation protocol server designed to be dropped into your present infrastructure. It can be configured to pull information it wishes out of your existing SQL database.

Bridge Server

Stellar’s Bridge server supplies an easy interface for the stellar community. It’s meant to simplify compliance operations and different extra complex integrations. Due to fact that it shops and manages keys and account knowledge, entry to it will have to be well blanketed. Unlike Horizon, it must by no means be exposed to the public web.


It is a small software, written in Go, for working with stellar-core history archives directly. It’s a standalone tool that does not require stellar-core, or every other package.

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