About EXP Coin

Expanse is the first stable Ethereum chain with the new decentralized platform. It is manage by the autonomous organization. It runs smart contracts which give, the ability to be self-fund for a long period of time. Every smart contract stored in the blockchain can communicate with each other. Accordingly, this decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) allows the people to give ideas to be vote on. It can be said revolutionary, as the power of the platform is in the hands of the community and its members. It has also avoided the crowdfunding or ICO. The blockchain technology helps to maintain the data integrity coupled with a Proof of Work consensus algorithm.

Expanse is an open chain project made possible by an outstanding community of the dedicated developers and is hosted on Github. The community shares their experiences and also knowledge on GitHub.

We implement Gas price in terms of this particular coin. Therefore, the price of gas goes high. The price of the coin goes down in order to keep the real cost of the gas same.

In order to get Expanse:-

  • One should be an Expanse miner.
  • One should trade other currencies too for using this coin centralized or trust-less services.
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