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Introduction to Dash coin

Dash is a cryptocurrency which is created to accelerate the speedy, reasonable transactions. These transactions are kept private and proceed online. Dash is digital cash which meets up digital cash so that user can spend them anywhere. It is open source P2P cryptocurrency. It provides instant transactions and enables a self-governing and self-funding model. It empowers Dash network to pay individuals and businesses to perform work which adds value to the network.

What is Dash?

Dash is a cryptocurrency or a digital currency exchanged through encrypted software. It is described as an altcoin which refers to cryptocurrency other than bitcoin. Dash was created and developed by Evan Duffield. Previously, Dash was known as Xcoin. It was again released as Darkcoin in January 2014. After a year in March 2015, the developers renamed Darkcoin as Dash or “Digital Cash”. Dash is derived from “Digital Cash” as “Dash”. It is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency.

The decentralized governance and budgeting system makes Dash a “decentralized autonomous organization” (DAO). The developers have created the world’s first self-funding and governing blockchain protocol. The network is received through an incentive-based system where 10 percent of each block portion is allocated back to Dash developers for contributions. This is referred has a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency which utilizes a two-tier network rather than a single tier.

The DAO is empowered by Sybil proof decentralized governance and funding system. The decentralized governance by blockchain (DGBB) is referred as “treasury system”. It is the mode of consensus on the proposed network which changes and funds development of the Dash ecosystem.

Why Dash

Dash is well-advanced than Bitcoin. The people who own dash can transfer the coins to prepaid debit cards. The money can be spent in the places wherever debits cards are accepted. In the U.S, many merchants have started accepting dash directly for goods and services. A search data on Dash website reveals that three places in Manhattan deal in it which of two are ATM machines. The average transaction size of Dash is more than $10,000 which indicated that Dash is traded as an investment like another cryptocurrency.

Dash has a self-funding structure which makes it exclusive. Dash is alternative cryptocurrency that emphasizes on accuracy and privacy of transaction. Dash works on X11 a collection of 11 algorithms which ensures fair distribution of coins between miners. Basically, it is designed to be completely unknown with untraceable transactions, while at the same time it provides near instant confirmations.

Advantages of Dash

Dash is a cryptocurrency which is based on the blockchain. It is controlled by a community which is decentralized and is utilized as a private currency. Dash has many advantages which are stated below.

  • Economic incentives: Dash recognizes the concept of economic incentives. Dash proceeds to build adequate infrastructure to support it. Dash comes with an easy setup master node and the user can begin earning the income.
  • Low Transaction fees: Dash has low transaction fee when compared to credit cards or banks. It has minimal fee which is charged for using personal money as well for sending micro-payments all over the globe.
  • Instant Payments: Dash provides instant payments. The developers have created a technology which is decentralized and unique. These features are attributed as InstantX. The technology ensures and confirms to be very fast within few seconds.
  • Privacy: Dash is a cryptocurrency which provides protracted privacy to the users. Dash considers “financial privacy” as a fundamental right.
  • Personal Wallets: The personal wallets controls and manages all funds in Dash. The distributed network controls and verifies all the transferred money. This eradicates all intermediaries and their fees.
  • New opportunities: Dash is coming up with new opportunities for global business. The entrepreneurs are also getting familiar with dash as it includes many innovative features, instantaneous transactions and so on.
Criticism of Dash

Being a well-advanced cryptocurrency, Dash also has few withdrawals which every investor must keep in his mind before investing in Dash. Few entrepreneurs, business tycoons, crypto experts have also criticized Dash and considered it as a “scam”. Though the dash is accompanied by large community of people, it is surrounded by few criticisms which are as follows:

  • “Riccardo Spagni” chief of Monero’s development team term dash as a “scam” and cleared his opinion.
  • “Tone Vays” Bitcoin maximalist and host of cryptoscam tweeted his opinion as “no wait this time Dash is an about to crash”. He has predicted the future of Dash and believes that Dash is going to be crushed.
  • “Charlie Lee” Founder of Litecoin, known for his being no big fan of Dash throws and humorous remarks about dash on Twitter.
  • Peter Todd prominent Bitcoin Core developer, known for his tact and restraint tweets as follows “The Rektoning Without a doubt I'd choose @monerocurrency over @Dashpay - the latter is snakeoil, the former genuine crypto”. It seems that it isn’t a great fan of Dash.
  • “Greg Maxwell” CEO of blockstream shares his opinions on Dash including his colleague Todd’s comment on “Dash as Snakeoil”
  • Maxwell stated that other cryptographically private altcoin people discuss Dash and it is not private at all. He explained that Dash is CoinJoin implementation which doesn’t require the creation of a new cryptocurrency.
  • It is also said that Dash Community is deceitful. The governance system is flawed and the core team controls the masternode servers of Dash.
  • Dash is under research, over hyped. It is all about the marketing.
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