Bitbay Information

Algorithm SHA-256
Proof type N/A
Start date 20/05/2015
Coin Tag BAY
Website Bitbay

Information and News about BitBay

BitBay cryptocurrency is a market site serving those trading between Bitcoins / Litecoins. The goal is to create entire economy within the crypto space. The economy is on decentralized markets and also it supports stealth technology.

This cryptocoin introduces a completely unique, open and decentralized market place that allows anyone in any country. However, it provides a stable, secure and safe environment to buy products, services over the internet.

It ensures the reliability, performance, and accuracy is guaranteed at all times. Theft is not at all possible through BitBay. Furthermore, it is the revolutionary way to trade with low barriers to entry, allowing anyone safely anywhere in the world.

About BitBay cryptocurrency website

Its website is attractive and relatively easy to use for anyone and the site with a lot of features. The user interface can be little bit complex than other bit coin exchanges. It gives users, requires online support that uses an instant messaging app at the bottom of the screen support is always one click away which is very useful.

It provides the world with a first taste of how crucial it is to utilize the blockchain technology when doing business between two parties. The BitBay Wallet marketplace much like Amazon, eBay which will use its own cryptocurrency (BitBay)

Perfect Choice for Merchants

Nonetheless, this currency has a feature of saves you money on every transaction by eliminating transaction fees and other extra charges that some require paying.It is completely free software without any fees.

BitBay is the perfect choice for merchants trying to increase their growth in business and also it removes any centralized services from online transactions and allows buyers to deal directly with sellers safely and securely.

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