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    Every casual crypto trader normally thinks about optimization of their trading processes. A good idea is to build up your own tool kit including a crypto tracker, a crypto calculator and a set of crypto trading bots to run on top of your favorite crypto exchanges.

    In this piece, we’ll talk about an important part of this kit, automated trading, aka bots, to introduce you to the TradeSanta platform that will help you execute different strategies, such as DCA or GRID.  

    There are very many crypto services offering different algos out there, it’s your responsibility to do proper research before going for one or two of them. But if you’re a casual trader looking for a crypto trading bot, maybe take a look at TradeSanta, one of the user-friendly solutions trading popular crypto markets on popular exchanges.   

    What is TradeSanta?

    Easy! TradeSanta is a platform offering you different automated strategies for trading crypto. It has been operating since 2018, and thousands of people run TradeSanta’s bots to simplify their trading processes on a daily basis. With more than 210,000 registered users, over 4 million executed deals, a clean dashboard and colorful interface, it gets more and more traction over years.

    New to crypto? Maybe trading with TradeSanta could be a good start since they have video tutorials and extensive documentation for smooth onboarding into automated trading.

    For experts, there’s a setup of interesting tools, too: flexibility to set up the bot as you want, trade spot and futures market, connect any TradingView technical indicator, and more.

    Also, the platform’s customer support is always ready to answer your questions in the Telegram channel, which is important when you learn something new! 

    TradeSanta Features

    Before using TradeSanta, you will have to connect your exchange to this crypto platform. But please, no worries, it will take you only a couple of minutes. Just log into your account on TradeSanta, choose the exchange you want to run your bots on – you need to have an account with it – and start adding your API keys.

    With TradeSanta, you can run your crypto trading bot on Binance, Binance.US, Huobi, OKX, Bybit, Huobi, HitBTC and Coinbase Pro. In 2022, the team is planning to integrate additional DEXes and CEXes, so stay tuned!

    When the exchange is connected, just choose a crypto market and a strategy. The platform offers a plethora of risk management tools, trading instruments and a wide choice of signals. Take a look! 

    • Risk management tools, including stop loss, trailing stop loss and trailing take profit.
    • Wide choice of signals to enter and stop the deal at the best time.
    • Both futures and spot trading are available.
    • Grid and DCA strategies, plus you can run long and short strategies at the same time.
    • Trading terminal that allows to place orders on multiple exchanges.
    • Demo trading to test the strategy against the real market conditions without investing real funds.
    • Real time tracking and telegram notifications to know what your bots are doing.

    Can you use your phone to run TradeSanta bots? Of course! Manage your bots on the go either from your Android or iOS. The mobile apps are basically the same with the same set of features offering you profit tracking and analytics, managing and creating new bots with advanced features, and more. 

    TradeSanta Pricing

    TradeSanta has Basic, Advanced and Maximum plans, so let’s take a look at all of them.  

    Basic plan offers an unlimited number of pairs, all strategies, Telegram notifications and up to 49 bots. 

    If you want to use up to 99 bots or an unlimited number of bots, simply subscribe to either Advanced or Maximum plans, respectively. The Vaximum plan also gives you a chance to trade futures. 

    TradingView signals or Custom TradingView signals for Binance, Coinbase Pro, Huobi and HitBTC are available on both Advanced or Maximum plans, respectively. For the plans, you can pay either with a card or with crypto. The card payment is facilitated through TradeSanta’s payment provider, Paddle.

    TradeSanta Paid Plans

    Just for a limited period of time, you can buy a yearly subscription with 50% off and get one more year for free! Don’t miss the chance to get it!


    Compared to its market competitors, TradeSanta offers the best value for the money paid, allowing you to use an unlimited number of bots and test trading strategies. It also offers you the most popular pairs and risk management tools, such as trailing stop loss.

    While choosing a platform for automated trading, this might be one of the friendliest ones in terms of the interface, but don’t forget that what might fit your friend, doesn’t necessarily fit you, so give it a try and then make your choice!

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    1. Works 24/7, gives more off-screen time
    2. Futures trading,
    3. Synchronizes with major crypto exchanges


    1. 6 exchanges only
    2. No margin trading
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