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Immediate edge bot is a new cryptocurrency trading invention that comes with features that make this software stand out among others. It is also an automatic trading platform that uses a good program algorithm to detect favorable trading opportunities. It acts on its own or waits for a prompt command from the user depending on the software’s settings. But what makes this software unique and a favorite to people is what we shall unveil in this review.

There have been lots of unverified claims of how different cryptocurrency software have helped several people to make massive profits leading to Scam people. However, it is pertinent for cryptocurrency traders to verify if a particular trading software is a scam or legit, which is also the purpose of this review.

What is the authenticity of the immediate edge bot, scam, or legit?

After subjecting the features of the immediate edge bot software to a series of tests, the software is not a scam but legit. The immediate edge bot is believed to have a success rate of 85%, which is more than the 80% benchmark for average software. The immediate edge bot has helped cryptocurrency traders to make good profits, which has been documented as testimonies on the software’s website.

Trading on the platform is easy and may not require experience. We had to verify the simplicity of the software, and we discovered that the software is easy to navigate. The demo trading feature of the software makes it possible for new users to carry out trading activities in a simulated environment without having to risk their investment. This further gives credence to the legitimacy of the software as it ensures that new users get acquainted with the features of the software before proceeding to live to trade.

Features of the immediate edge bot

As earlier stated, the immediate edge bot is a high-tech program software that comes with exceptional features that makes it among the best cryptocurrency trading software in the blockchain market. The outstanding features of the immediate edge bot include the following:

  • Fast Payout

The Immediate edge bot has a fast payment feature that allows users to cash out their earnings directly to their bank accounts in a day. Within 24 hours, traders may be able to withdraw their earnings. On the immediate edge bot site, it is stated that traders can earn as much as $2,200 daily. Though this may sound unbelievable, it can be achieved through a gradual process and not overnight.

  • User testimonials

Since trading via crypto software is a new terrain in the digital currency world, user reviews may be a way of verifying some of the claims of cryptocurrency trading software. The immediate edge bot gives room for users to review and rate the software. It also allows users to express their satisfaction or displeasure after trading with the software. The immediate edge bot has a lot of positive reviews and testimonies that show their level of satisfaction with the immediate edge bot trading platform.

  • Trusted Brokers

Upon creating your account, you automatically match with a broker. Your deposited amount is sent to the broker’s account. The broker has a high knowledge of the cryptocurrency industry who assists you in your trading. With the immediate edge bot, you may not have to worry about losing your money to a broker because they are reliable.

  • Charges/fees

Registration, the immediate edge bot trading platform, is free of charge. You may not have to pay to acquire the crypto trading software. It comes at no cost to the crypto trader. There are also no hidden charges or additional fees.


The Immediate Edge software provides users with an automatic trading bot, which helps to detect an open trading window. When such a trading opportunity is identified, the trading bot signals the user to act on the information received. You may go to sleep, and the automatic trading bot would carry out trading activities for you.

  can grant full permission to the software do it can automatically place a trade for you when the need arises.

However, you may choose to have some level of control over your trading activities by being the one to carry out a trade after receiving signals from the trading bot. The software is legit.

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