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Author: Sohrab Khawas

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    CoinStats first emerged and gained popularity as a crypto tracker but has since significantly expanded its functionality and taken on new roles.

    Recently, with the launch of CoinStats Wallet, the company unravelled plans to become the go-to interface of crypto and DeFi. 

    No matter if you’re a beginning investor looking to analyze your portfolios’ bigger picture or a seasoned stakeholder trying to make the best of the DeFi ecosystem, CoinStats is an interesting player in the crypto world that has a lot to offer.

    In this review, we’ll briefly go over the story of CoinStats’ creation,  list all the features, as well as supported currencies and portfolios, and finally introduce the company’s vision of the future. Let’s jump in!

    About CoinStats

    CoinStats was founded in 2017, when CEO Narek Gevorgyan first jumped on the crypto bandwagon and found himself constantly calculating his gains and losses on his Mac. “There has to be a better way to do this,” he thought and created the CoinStats app. Soon it turned out that many crypto holders thought similarly, and what had started as a relatively limited and simple crypto tracker grew over time into an advanced tool with over 1 million active monthly users and more than $500 billion worth of crypto managed in portfolios. 

    Now CoinStats is on its way to becoming a central hub for DeFi, where you can not only meticulously track all your holdings across portfolios, but optimally perform any crypto transaction you can think of and even receive personalized advice based on insights derived from your crypto data. A particularly ambitious upcoming feature is giving CoinStats users the opportunity to earn up to 20% on their crypto, instead of mindlessly holding.  

    Supported Currencies & Portfolios


    CoinStats, as a one-stop-shop for all your crypto needs, supports all the most popular wallets and exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Kraken, Kucoin, and 500 others. The ability to connect an unlimited number of portfolios if you go premium is extremely convenient for those juggling numerous crypto accounts. 

    CoinStats currently supports over 8000 different cryptocurrencies. And if you hold a rare or new altcoin that CoinStats cannot recognize, you can always contact their support team and ask them to add it.

    Privacy & Security

    It is no secret that matters of privacy and security are very important in the financial world overall and especially in the relatively new field of digital finance. The number one good news is that CoinStats has never been hacked, despite being around for more than 4 years. The company prides itself on military-grade encryption and guarantees protection not only from external threats but also from misuse of insider access. 

    Enjoying the trust of over 3 million users, CoinStats is doubly careful when it comes to ensuring secure transfer of crypto assets. Indeed, if a user only uses CoinStats to track and not trade, his or her assets cannot be compromised because of CoinStats’ lack of permissions. 

    In short, if you’re a user who prioritizes security, CoinStats is a good fit: The implementation of the best evidence-based practices in the field leads to very high standards of privacy and security.  


    • One dashboard for seamless portfolio management

    Using 10+ different crypto accounts doesn’t make for a good user experience. With CoinStats, you can manage all your assets from one dashboard with great ease. 

    • Alerts & notifications

    Pump alerts, breaking news, portfolio value notifications… Staying on top of your crypto game is effortless when you can set up any alert or notification you can think of. 

    • In-depth analytics

    CoinStats provides all the calculators, metrics, and numbers for portfolio owners to take in the full picture, derive the right conclusions, and enhance trading decision-making.

    • Swapping with no additional fees

    Trading or swapping directly from CoinStats is effective, convenient, and requires no additional fees.

    • Aggregate best price 

    Aggregating liquidity from a myriad of decentralized exchanges on Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain, CoinStats comes up with an optimal price for your swap. 

    • Easy fiat on-ramp

    CoinStats Wallet has partnered with Moonpay and Mercuryo to let you fiat-onramp through the cheapest and most secure gateways.

    • A number of integrations

    CoinStats’ rapidly growing list of partnerships and integrations includes Polygon,, Trust Wallet, and many more.

    • Amazing support 

    Knowledgeable and patient, members of the company’s support team will take on any question or issue you have. 

    Wanna test out these features and start making better investment decisions as a result? There’s a special discount for CoinPedia users!”


    The free version of CoinStats has everything you need to get started, but if you want to take advantage of detailed analytics and be free to connect as many portfolios or perform as many transactions as you want, a paid plan is recommended. If paid annually, subscriptions to Pro and Premium cost $3.49 and $13.99 per month respectively. 

    Your Go-to Crypto Blog


    Interested in what makes NFTs sell or in learning about the 5 most reputable exchanges? An often overlooked, yet extremely helpful section of CoinStats is its crypto blog. This is where you can not only read about their new integrations or product launches but also find out more about the intricacies of the crypto world. This section will be particularly helpful for those just dipping their toes into the field, as the writers largely succeed at putting complex topics in simple terms. 


    There is no doubt that CoinStats is an excellent multi-faceted tool for managing a crypto portfolio, but it strives to become something even bigger: A lively central hub for everything crypto and DeFi, where beginners and professional investors alike can learn and receive personalized advice, as well as manage, swap, and earn on their crypto assets. According to CoinStats, it is already clear that the future of the financial system is digital and decentralized, and the company plans to be a big part of the DeFi revolution. 

    Crypto Gift Cards

    With the CoinStats Gift Card, you can pack your favorite coin, beautiful design, and customized message into one festive link. 

    Choose the coin you want to give and the right amount, pick a suitable design, and add a kind or humorous message with just a few clicks. To make your gift even more unique, there are a few pre-designed labels available! 

    Tax Reporting Partnership With CoinLedger

    Crypto taxes are becoming yet another thing to tick off your to-do list. Partnering with CoinLedger, CoinStats have made sure you can handle them in a fast, secure, and easy way. Additionally, you get 10% off your tax report generation.

    CoinStats Earn will let users stake their assets with the hand-picked most reliable DeFi protocols on the market. Users can get up to 20% on their crypto without leaving the app!

    DeFi Tracking: Users can track all their holdings, DeFi, CeFi, and NFTs, in one place. CoinStats supports 1000+ protocols & more than 10 chains.

    CoinStats Midas: The algorithm will keep users in the loop about any collections likely to blow up real soon. This way you can be smarter about investing in NFTs!


    If you’re looking to effortlessly manage all your crypto from a single dashboard, CoinStats is the place to go. The company’s industry-leading security protocols, user-centric approach, and drive to constant improvement ensure that CoinStats has what it takes to become the interface of crypto and DeFi. 

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