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Coincodex Review – One Stop Solution For Your Crypto Needs

Author: Sohrab Khawas

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    It all started from one coin in 2008 and today it is said to be the future of all trade and transactions, who knew that man could be so innovative with the technology that would lead him to discover something this big.

    Crypto today has 5000+ different currencies and still counting, to support this system many organizations have entered with a variety of services like Wallets, Guides, Mining, Tools, etc., with everything being so easy to access today, it is still difficult to manage everything at once.

    And this is where Coincodex, a crypto tracking tool comes with the solution for all the problems. 

    What is Coincodex?

    Coincodex is the largest tracking tool for cryptocurrency market information. It has bulk data for over 6,000 coins, historical charts, and data of more than 201 exchanges which help in gathering real-time prices.

    With a wide range of database holding records of over 3500 ICO’s, the organization also updates about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in their news portal. Features like watchlist and portfolio permit the users to stay updated on their coin performance. 

    CoinCodex can check out what’s going on with the cryptocurrency market anywhere, anytime as it is not just programmed for the personal computer but is also optimized for mobile devices. 

    How does Coincodex Work?

    Coincodex is a tracking tool that allows the users to track the performance of the users’ coins, and review it with the market in real-time. This feature helps the users to manage their cryptocurrency and trade it along with market trends. Apart from tracking, Coincodex also alerts the users with the changing market price set by users. This trait helps the users to stay connected with the market and make decisions with changing market conditions. 

    Coincodex Features

    Coincodex has a list of features which makes it one of the prominent source, that is eyed by most of the users. Here is the list of features that will help you understand the unprecedented features of Coincodex, 

    • Portfolio
    • Alerts
    • Market Overview
    • ICO Calendar 
    • Stable Coin


    A portfolio allows you to keep track of the performance of your coins in real-time. All you have to do is add the coins and the amount which will review the performance of your coins.  

     Here’s why the portfolio is very popular:

    • Tracks your crypto investments from one place
    • Compare your crypto investments to review which is performing the best
    • Easy to add coins 
    • Real-time data review 

    The portfolio also has a handy privacy tool called “hide balance”. If you don’t want others to see your crypto hold, you can click the “hide balance” button. This hides the value of your holdings and only showcases how your coins have performed relative to the fiat currency of your choice, for any timeframe.


    Alert feature sends email alerts when the price point crosses the price set by you for your coins. 

    To be more clear, assume that BTC is trading at $5800. You can set a price alert for two different levels $5500 and $6000, Now you will receive email alerts if the price is going higher or lower than the set limit, this feature reduces the burden of constant price check rather you can use the same time for something else. 

    Market Overview

    Market Overview gives a clear picture of major trends in the Crypto market. You can track the ratio of BTC/ETH and get a clear picture of their performance metrics. Coincodex gives real-time information for the Crypto market cap, Bitcoin dominance, Trading volume, and much more. 

    Coincodex calculates the total market cap of cryptocurrencies listed on the panel by adding together the market caps of all the coins.

    The market capitalization metric is useful for comparing coins to each other, while the total cryptocurrency market capitalization helps us to track if the entire market is growing or declining.

    ICO Calendar 

    Initial Coin Offering is a fundraising model that offers digital tokens to backers in exchange for funding. Coincodex has listed over 2000 ICOs where you can track projects from the list. 

    Stable Coin

    Coincodex Stable coin’s feature gives an insight of various crypto assets which is programmed to maintain the stable value. The aggregate data of all the listed stablecoins gives a clear picture of price, volume, and market cap. These stable coins are provided with individual Widgets, which makes it easy to track a specific asset. 

    Coincodex News 

    • Coincodex reviewed CoboVault, a touchscreen hardware cryptocurrency wallet created by CoboVault, and is likely to promote. 

    Cobo is a security company that has formed a series of hardware cryptocurrency wallets. The most important and amazing features of the Cobo Vault cryptocurrency hardware wallets are QR codes scanner, Secure element, Fingerprint scanner, and “Self-Destruct” mechanism.


    Is CoinCodex an exchange?

    No, Coincodex is an aggregator that brings updated news of all portal under one website. It also lists websites for cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

    Do we get updated crypto prices on CoinCodex?

    The platform updates crypto prices in real-time with, maybe, a few seconds delay.

    Is there an API for CoinCodex?

    CoinCodex API is still in beta phase. However, you can integrate the API in your website. Future updates will be intimated as when updated.


    1. Helps with real-time data review
    2. Outstanding features
    3. Can track your crypto performance from one place


    1. The tool is comparatively not good in social media engagement and promotion.
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