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Top Crypto Platforms that Non-GamStop Brands Use

Author: Sara K

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Sara is steadily working on cryptocurrency evaluations, news, and fluctuations in digital currency prices. She is guest author associated with many cryptocurrencies admin and contributes as an active guide to readers about recent updates on virtual currencies.

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Since the launch of Bitcoin back in 2008, cryptocurrencies have evolved tremendously to become one of the favorite payment choices among casino players. There are several non-GamStop Bitcoin casinos, and most support more than BTC. You can find online casinos that are not on GamStop supporting Ethereum, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and many other cryptocurrencies.

If you are interested in using crypto playing online casino games, you will need a wallet. Crypto wallets work like other wallets by holding your currency and allowing you to send, receive, and trade. Finding them shouldn’t be a problem as there are many reliable options. Here’s a quick overview of popular crypto platforms among GamStop players:


CoinPayments is one of the most desirable crypto processing services available for GamStop players. The platform is popular among business owners worldwide and offers various tools to help you manage your cryptocurrencies. You can buy, send and receive bitcoin, request FIAT settlement, sell bitcoin, and so much more. CoinPayments is a fully-fledged cryptocurrency processor, so you can work with other altcoins, such as Litecoin and Ethereum. 

Most non-GamStop online casinos that support cryptocurrency payments feature CoinPayments in their list. The platform has several integrations to make crypto handling effortless. You can quickly send money to your playing account and receive withdrawals from the casino without any hassle. CoinPayments also feature GAP600 Instant Confirmations and vaults. Concerning buying bitcoin, you can fund your account in many different ways, including direct bank deposits.


Since the launch of CoinsPaid, it has become inseparable from casinos that support cryptocurrencies. The platform allows mass payments, offers superior security and supports a dozen of popular coins. CoinsPaid also offers instant exchange with support for many FIAT currencies, unmatched by any other platform. However, the first withdrawal must be in Euro then you can unlock 21 other FIAT options. You can send/receive money to/from your casino with a few clicks here and there.

CoinsPaid cross-platform interface is compatible with Android iOS and desktop OS, so you can access your account from anywhere. GamStop players that fancy exploring casino games on the go will find CoinsPaid mobile support enticing and convenient, providing instant currency exchange and bitcoin transfers without hassle. It was also reviewed by the world’s leading cybersecurity firm Kaspersky and found to have zero vulnerability in their code, so your money is safe.


BitPay is another secure cryptocurrency platform popular among blocked players. Like other platforms in this list, BitPay supports Bitcoin as the main crypto, which is great since most crypto casinos work with BTC. Once you set up your account with the platform, you can buy bitcoin, send bitcoin, receive bitcoin and convert bitcoin to your favourite FIAT currency. The platform supports direct bank deposits, so you can quickly fund your wallet or make a withdrawal in your preferred FIAT currency.

BitPay uses secure APIs and advanced cryptography to keep your cryptos safe, and you can easily make BTC deposits to your casino account. BitPay is widely seen as a Bitcoin service as it lacks support for other cryptocurrencies. It only supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and four other USD-pegged coins. However, the platform offers swift transactions with a custom transaction speed setting option.


Paymero is one of the only crypto platforms dedicated to gaming and forex support, making it perfect for exploring non-GamStop games on offshore websites. Paymero provides multi-coin processing with an instant exchange, so you can quickly purchase bitcoin or convert it to your favourite currency for withdrawal. The wallet also supports sending and receiving crypto, which is precisely what you want for casino transactions. Paymero has many other advantages, offering one platform for multiple services.

It is built to European standards and works globally, complying with more grey market currency processing. Paymero also provides low processing fees, up to 70% lower than most platforms. The website is easy to use and browser-based, so you can complete transactions on your smartphone or tablet. It is also supported in many Curacao casinos and other destinations for players on GamStop. 


Non-GamStop casinos support several other reputable crypto platforms. However, not all are worth joining. It is essential to join trusted crypto casinos and determine the platforms they support for payments. You can then compare rates, security, rates, possible exchange, compatibility, limits and overall reputation among players.

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Sara K

Sara is steadily working on cryptocurrency evaluations, news, and fluctuations in digital currency prices. She is guest author associated with many cryptocurrencies admin and contributes as an active guide to readers about recent updates on virtual currencies.

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