CoinPedia Launches “BrandsNeed”- A work Management Tool for Publishers and Advertisers

  • CoinPedia a leading cryptocurrency and fintech News Portal Agency launches BrandsNeed tool. 
  • is a work management tool for Publishers and Advertisers in the crypto and finance industry. 
  • The tool is powered by CoinPedia, org. BrandsNeed Tool helps Publishers connect with the right Advertisers for business opportunities.

When it comes to online advertising there are different players involved, however, the most common ones that you will hear are Publishers and Advertisers.

Publishers are often concerned with the work, and task management of their clients in one place. With the BrandsNeed publisher tool, publishers and influencers can easily track and manage. The tool will also help the publishers connect with the advertisers for their personal and professional needs.

BrandsNeed is here to solve and eliminate the problems faced by the publishers in the industry, by providing them a work management tool.

What is the BrandsNeed Tool About?

BrandsNeed is a work management tool for publishers and influencers to manage their clients and sales all in one place. Advertisers can also track campaigns and publishers.

Here the advertisers will find verified publishers that will help them boost their crypto and finance projects.

The publishers and advertisers can start using the tool by creating a new account and registering on BrandsNeed.

BrandsNeed Tool for Publishers 

At BrandsNeed, publishers and influencers can find business opportunities from sponsored Advertisers. BrandsNeed tool will help you connect with brands and Advertisers that fit best for your services.

  • Faster and Safer Payments – Get paid instantly with no hassle on our platform.
  • Find Business Opportunities – Find business queries and opportunities from the right Advertisers.
  • Dedicated Agent Support – All your campaigns are manually reviewed and driven by our experts to deliver the best results.
  • List Unlimited Platforms – Publishers and Influencers can list their services on unlimited platforms. Once they have created the platforms, our team Agent will review their profile and inform them accordingly.

We will help Publishers connect with the brand for their Influencer Marketing needs. An opportunity for the Influencer to start earning for their content creation. 

How is the Tool Helpful for Publishers Profile? 

  • The tool is one platform link and user-friendly tool to manage all your details.
  • Publishers can add the link in their profile bio on social media platforms. 
  • People can know your Identity, social media presence, and portfolio. 
  • The link can be shared to manage Publisher’s personal and professional campaigns. 

BrandsNeed Tool for Advertisers 

For Advertisers, It is the perfect platform to find verified Publishers and Influencers to boost their campaigns. We have the best team at your service to manage your PR campaigns with the finest reach and no hassle. 

  • Verified Publishers 
  • Dedicated Agent Support
  • Secure Payment Support

Future Of BrandsNeed

BrandsNeed today is associated with 1000+ verified Brands and Companies globally. The Ultimate idea is to provide work management and a friendly tool to the Influencers that will help them manage and track their clients in one place.

With BrandsNeed, Advertisers can curate and customize their orders according to their requirements.

This platform has a very balanced and simple format for managing the campaigns and helping the publishers track their performance with advanced reporting features.

Online Marketing requires both these jobs done correctly, and a strong working relationship to establish, which the BrandsNeed platform will help them achieve.

BrandsNeed’s personal agent will look after the compliance part of every campaign registered.

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