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WazirX Price Prediction, Will WRX Price Rally to $5 by the End of 2021?

Written by: Elena R

June 3, 2021

WazirX, a most popularly used Cryptocurrency exchange is all set off into a new mission now! While there are more than 4,000 cryptocurrencies in existence currently, WazirX was added to the list later this year. Having a favorable brand name that is familiar among most investors, the WRX tokens saw the market welcome it with open hands.

Undoubtedly most of you know that Binance, the father company of WazirX is another important crypto exchange in the market. Being the most common exchange, where one can buy or sell most crypto, Binance has its crypto, the BNB from along. Adding to this, WazirX has become the next exchange turned crypto. Now on WazirX, one can buy, sell and exchange most cryptos and surely the WRX token.

Did you know ? WazirX is the first crypto exchange to cross a $200 trading volume mark in India 

Currently, the WRX token has grabbed the attention of many users and started to surge amidst other cryptos in the market. Being a utility token, WRX works with their parent company Binance network, and on the Ethereum blockchain. The main reason behind building this token is that it will act as a backbone for the entire WazirX ecosystem. 

Curious to know why WazirX has been surging? Sticking to the trend, do you want to hold some of these utility tokens? But is it profitable long-term? For answers to these questions and more, please hold on and keep reading. We have picked the finest information on WazirX price prediction, that you need, making your decision-making journey quick and easier.


Price$ 1.0400
Market cap$ 475,166,624.0000
Circulating Supply$ 0.0000
Trading Volume $ 0.0000
All time high$ 5.8800     April 5, 2021
All time low$ 0.0476     February 5, 2020

Being a peer-to-peer exchange network, WazirX promises to offer the best utility token that can help build the network and act as a better digital asset at the same time. Also, for users in this network, numerous benefits and discounts can be availed. This has indeed led the exchange users to turn into potential crypto holders!

Fundamental Analysis

  • WRX utility token is the native cryptocurrency of the WazriX exchange network and came into existence by February 2020.
  • Nischal Shetty, the founder of WazirX, played an important role in bringing the utility token into play.
  • Eventually, WRX tokens is an Indian company-based project, working primarily on Binance and Ethereum network.
  • For existing users on the exchange, a discount of 50% is available on the trading fees with these tokens in hand.
  • These tokens can also be used for making any kind of payment on the network instead of cash.
  • Like most altcoins, WRX tokens can be obtained by mining, token airdrops and several other ways.
  • The network also promised a token burn that will happen every quarter of a year, thus helping with a safe investment.
  • WazirX is the best platform for WRX token exchange, buy or sell. However, other exchanges like Binance can also be used.

WazirX Price Prediction 2021

The WRX token commenced in the year 2021, with a stagnant price of $0.07. However, in the first month, the price was seen swinging between $0.6 and $0.11. Unexpectedly on February 1, the price skyrocketed to reach its first milestone of $0.1 as the daily high. Following this, the WRX token grabbed immense attention among most investors. Impressed with the discounts on the trading fee many switched to WazirX. It indeed helped the token to substantially surge in the coming days. On April 1, WRX stepped into the $1 mark. Proceeding with the trend, the movement was between $1 and $2. 

Currently, the token price strikes at $1.80 and might soar in the coming days. Also, the network has announced an NFT marketplace soon. The prediction for the coming year is on a bullish end and might rise to reach new junctures soon. By the end of 2021, the WazirX price may hike up to $3.7 on a higher note. However, it might be seen trading at $2.99. If WazirX fails to keep up with the market trends, then the price can wipe down near $2.

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WRX Price Prediction 2022

The token is likely to kickstart 2022 with $2.98 as the average figure. With improvements on the network and the token burns happening, many investors might end up trading these tokens. The highest price WRX token might reach by the end of 2022, is $7. WRX Price average figures strike at a decent mark and are anticipated to be at $5.9. Also, on the minimum end, the price may dip and reach $4.5.

WRX Price Prediction For The Next 5 Years

The next five years, WRX might become strongly popular and mark its place in the top 40 cryptocurrencies list. Crossing the $10 milestone, WRX might be seen trading at $14.5. If it keeps up the momentum and rallies further, the price may also touch $19 at the highest. Also, considering the future market trends and competition, there might also be a price dip down to $10. 

Our WRX Price Prediction

WazirX has a greater potential to grow and increase its highs in the coming years, as most people are familiar with the network. By the year end, WRX may start trading at $3 mark. Also, it adds additional benefits to the users. On a long-term forecast, we predict that the highest price that WRX tokens may rise in the near future is $11.However, the lowest mark to which the token may fall at $9.

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WRX Market Price Predictions


According to their predictions, WRX may reach a trading price of $2.94 by the end of 2021. However, the token may exchange at $6.11 by the year 2025.

Their one-year forecast predicts that WRX tokens might trade at 5.45 in one year from now. By the end of 2025, the price may hike near $45.7.


They believe that WRX will close this year with an average figure of $2.9. Looking forward to 2023, WazirX price may shoot up and exchange at $8.76 by the year-end.

Historic Price Sentiments


Found in February, the token started its trading journey with a price of $0.12. For the entire month, the price was highly volatile and moved to $0.1 on February 15, but eventually dipped back the very next day. In the mid 2020, the price movement was between $0.12 and $0.14. Following this, the price striked at $0.1 for a number of days. But the trends reversed and ending the year the WRX token price dropped deeply again to $0.07.


Pulling out some bullish momentum, WRX commenced 2021 with its $0.1 mark again. But once again it failed to rally further and dropped back to $0.08.Nonetheless, the tables turned and the price started soaring substantially from February. It even reached a high of $3 and kept the trend going. Currently, there was a drop in the price and is seen moving within $2.


1.Is investment in WazirX tokens profit yielding?

Yes. Since the token has rising value, it also has a good long term yield which is estimated to be near +111%

2.What will be the price of WazirX by the end of five years from now?

WRX tokens may substantially surge from its current price and reach a $6.5 mark by the next five years.

3.Will WRX hit $5 by this year?

Considering the current trends, $5 may not be easily achievable within this year. However, if WRX manages to surge at a better rate it might touch $5 soon.

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