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Convex Finance (CVX) Price Prediction 2022: Will The Coin Hit $60 This Year?

Written by: Elena R

June 25, 2022

 The world of Defi has been spectating innovative projects every second day. The projects have been serving varied sectors from self-driving cars to smart cities. New and improved acquisitions hit the market every other day. One of those competent inventions is convex finance , which boasts its native token CVX. 

Curve Finance, a decentralized exchange platform for buying and selling virtual currency resources, formed the foundation for the framework. Convex gets an edge over its rivals as it has no withdrawal fees and nominal performance fees. CRV, ia an Ethereum-based token that privileges the Curve Finance network, stakeholders, and liquidity providers to gain greater yields. 





















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Are you one of the many who are keen on the developments of the project, and price predictions of CRV? If yes, then buckle up, as this write-up will take you through the plausible targets for 2022 and the years to come!


Cryptocurrency Convex Finance
USD Price$4.56
Market Cap $290,363,106
Circulating Supply63,657,843.28 CVX
Trading Volume$8,133,000
All-time high$62.69 (Jan 01st, 2022)
All-time low$1.88 (Jul 20, 2021)

*The statistics are from press time. 

Convex Finance (CVX) Price Prediction For 2022

Potential LowAverage PricePotential High

 The start of the year 2022 brought some fair hopes for CVX, with its price touching $50.92 on January 1st. However, it fell from around 12 points on January 11th when it was trading at $38.42 on January 11th. However, it bounced back to $40 on January 18th. 

Further, in February, the coin began trading at $26.42. It rose to $30.06 on February 9th, but the uptrend was short-term, and the token again fell to $21.72 on February 21st. CVX kept on railing down to reach the cost of $19.25 on February 28th. The coin began trading at $18.82 at the onset of March. Moving ahead, the price dropped to $15.22 on March 7th and bounced to the margin of $28.82 on March 31st.

In April, the price grew to reach the month’s peak at $38.63 on April 4. Also, the price kept swinging around $25 for the rest of the month. May did not show promising signs for CVX either, as the coin kept falling to $10.7 on May 30th. June has been ruthless for the industry, the altcoin is presently down over 55% since the start of the month. 

Convex Finance (CVX) Price Prediction For Q3

The platform and the token get an edge from the exchange. The platform is built on the platform Curve Finance (also known as And allows liquidity providers to earn rewards without having to lock (stake) their CRV (Curve Finance’s native token). 

The coin aims at making staking easier and effortless for Curve users and plans to integrate many new features. Keeping up to its fundamental strength, the maximum price of CVX can be $6.18 in the third quarter. The minimum and average costs are expected at $3.77 and $5.03, respectively. 

CVX Price Prediction For Q4

With incentives closely allied for other DAOs and Convex, CVX distribution will keep growing. Convex Finance has the potential to reach up to the average price of $6.34 in the last quarter of the year. On the other hand, the highest possible cost of CVX can be $7.68. Also, the coin is expected to not fall below the minimum price target of $4.92.

Convex Finance Price Forecast For 2023

Convex was founded with the explicit intent of becoming a “DeFi-Lego”. Designed to allow numerous different protocols permissionless and seamless integration wherever applicable. It also has some significant advantages for Convex in a broad sense. 

Seeking impetus from its strengths, Convex Finance may grow strong enough to break through $14.01 by the close of 2023. While, Convex Finance’s lowest price could be $6.87. The coin’s average price, following regular trade activities, is expected to occur at $10.69. 

Price Projection Of CVX For 2024

Convex’s development and progress are aided by its vibrant community. Convex has got substantial existing community efforts, be it in the form of tooling, training, or awareness. Furthermore, the community is expected to grow by 2024 as the coin provides greater staking power for lower fees.

All the bolstering of community standards can lead to the maximum possible price of  $24.43. Whilst a fall in community strength and fall in volumes could curb the price to lows of $12.51. That said, an equilibrium in buying and selling pressures could land CVX at $19.16.

Price Trajectory For 2025

Developmental initiatives deployed by the team behind Convex Finance could bring in notable investments and adoptions. In such a case, the price of CVX could shoot up to a maximum of $42.74. In contrast, emerging rivals and stiffer competition could slump the price to $21.12

YearPotential LowPotential High

What Does The Market Say?

Wallet Investor

As per wallet investor ’s CVX price prediction, the altcoin could hit a maximum of $25.277 by the end of 2022. That said, a balance in trade pressures is expected to land the price at $12.161. The firm also hosts predictions for the long term. Accordingly, the CVX price is expected to surge to a maximum of $71.61 by the end of 2025. 

Digital coin Price

Digital Coin Price expects Convex Finance’s price to surge to its potential high of $6.37 by the end of 2022. Whilst a reversal in trend is anticipated to slash the price down to $5.59. The altcoin could land at an average price of $6.03 if not much impetus is seen. The analysts from Digital Coin Price have set the maximum closing targets for 2023 and 2025 at $7.48 and $10.39. 

Trading Beasts

According to the forecast of Trading Beast, CVX’s price is anticipated to propel to a maximum of $18.76 this ongoing year. The analysts from the firm have set the minimum and average closing targets at $16.4 and $16.91. The prediction by the firm expects Convex Finance to surge to $60.01 by the end of 2025. 

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Our Price Prediction

The token has been showcasing risky articulating sections in recent times. As per the in-depth technical analysis of Convex Finance by CoinPedia. CVX is expected to trade at a minimal price of $5 in 2022. On the flip side, the token’s price could chug up to a maximum of $7.5 by the end of the year. 

What Is Convex Finance (CVX)?

Convex Finance is a yield optimizer for the Curve Finance framework, that seeks to help CRV bump up the ecosystem. The protocol enables everyone to leverage the asset’s staking method, offering special incentives. Convex Finance uses the ethereum blockchain to communicate with the DApps.

CVX is the native token of the project, the token holders can remit their tokens on the forum. And retrieve those anywhere at any time, whilst taking a percentage of the system fees. Convex was also encouraged when it was first listed on the OKEx exchange platform. And collaborated with decentralized Finance (DeFi) portfolio management application Zerion.

Company Details

convex finance

  • DeFi

convex finance

Fundamental Analysis

The distinctive economic framework of Convex Finance plays a vital role in the Curve Battle. Its primary intention is to amass as enough TVL as possible to accomplish the protocol’s objective of influencing curve finance

In other words, Convex Finance addresses CRV holders and Curve liquidity providers. It does so in two ways: Curve LPs obtain bolstered perks for staking their LP tokens via Convex, while CRV owners earn cvxCRV for betting the CRV. Overall it is considered a good investment in the long term.

Convex Finance made its debut on the 17th of May 2021. The project was developed by a team of developers, whose identity is unknown. Convex Finance is regarded as one of the vital and influential platforms amongst DeFis, for its relatively lower risk. 

Historical Market Sentiments


  • CVX had portrayed an impeccable rally, rising 203.61% from its initial price of $6.192 to claiming $18.8 on June 4th.
  • However, as good times cannot last forever, the price was seen at $13.22 by the 6th of September.
  • Convex Finance’s TVL rose to over $12 billion by October 23rd, which took CVX’s price to $20.78 on October 24th.
  • The altcoin had terminated the year with a pricier tag of $48.94.

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Q: Is the CVX coin a good investment?

A: The coin has strong fundamentals, it can prove to be a good hold in the long term. 

Q: What is the circulating supply of CVX?

A: The circulating supply of CVX counts at 63,657,843.28 CVX.

Q: Where can I buy CVX?

A: CVX is available for trade across prominent cryptocurrency exchange platforms such as Binance, OKX, and Bitget amongst others.

Q: What will the maximum price of CVX be in 2022?

A: The price of the altcoin might soar to a maximum of $7.68 by the end of 2022. 

Q: How high will the digital asset propel by the end of 2025?

A: CVX’s price could propel to hit its potential high of $42.74 by the end of 2025. 

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