NFT: Alpacadabraz 3D Is on Its Way – Here’s Why You Should Be Excited

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January 19, 2022

The NFT world is moving forward at a rapid pace, and it is almost too difficult to even begin keeping up with everything. As NFT’s achieve more and more utility and popular appeal, their user bases will grow and push the NFT’s forward in their quest to utilize the metaverse to its fullest extent. 

One NFT project that is really making strides today is Alpacadabraz, who has got some exciting news on the horizon for 2022 that will send shockwaves through the NFT world. We might be looking at the next big thing here, so let’s take a look at what’s going on with Alpacadabraz. 

First up – What Is Alpacadabraz Actually?

Alpacadabraz is a trending 2D NFT project that launched in October of 2021. The first mint, also called the Genesis Collection, was on exactly 9669 unique NFT’s that were sold at a base price of 0,069 ETH. Today that price has increased many times. Now the floor price is 1,2 ETH. Quite significant. 

Each individual NFT depicts alpacas designed by the professional digital artist ChuckChee, and they are all unique with different attributes that vary in rarity (and the rarer a trait is, the more expensive the artwork is). 

You can use your 2D alpaca NFT in fun browser games where you can win prizes, and in an augmented reality app to bring them into the real world.

Alpacadabraz 3D – Grand Plans for 2022

Now that we enter 2022, Alpacadabraz has great plans for the future of its NFT project. And there are loads of perks and features for the community and people seeking to enter the community to look forward to. 

On the 12th of February Alpacadabraz 3D will launch. This entails a massive NFT drop of 19.969 3D Alpacadabraz NFT’s for the community to buy. If you already own a 2D alpaca, you get a free mint for a 3D one, meaning that 9669 of the 3D alpacas are reserved for these users. Of the remaining NFT’s there will be a whitelist for 3000 of the alpacas, and the rest will be sold on a public Dutch auction. 

These 3D Alpacas can be used in a sandbox that resides in the metaverse. Alpacadabraz has recently purchased an extra 36 plots of “land” for this sandbox on the metaverse for a price of 60 ETH which is a massive investment, and it just goes to show how much the gears are turning. 

In this sandbox you will be able to own your own plot of land if you have your own 3D alpaca, and you can then use that alpaca to participate in fun games there to win prizes in true play to earn style, or just socialize with the community.

And if you’re one of the lucky owners of a 1/1 Genesis alpaca when this all goes live, you will receive extra perks such as airdrops and access to unique merch reserved only for you. 

Get Engaged With Alpacadabraz

Financial Prospects of Owning an Alpacadabraz NFT in 2022

Alpacadabraz 3D is going to, and already is, causing quite the stir in the world of NFT’s. And with the nature of price volatility we can certainly expect a huge increase in prices of these silly and cute alpacas come February. 

Already the price of Alpacadabraz has gone up significantly in the span of under a year, and some alpacas sell for exorbitant amounts. This is due to the increasing interest in them, but of course also the exclusivity of some of the alpacas due to their rare traits. The rarer they are, the higher the price will go up. 

Right about now is the best time possible to quickly get your hands on your own Alpaca, if you want to ride the wave with everyone else. Because once 3D goes live, there will be profits to be made if that is what you’re interested in. 

Where Can I Buy Alpacadabraz?

Due to the high popularity and demand of Alpacadabraz NFT’s all of the Genesis Collection has already been sold to users all across the world. But some owners choose to put them up for auction on the website OpenSea, which is a major hub for anything to do with buying and selling NFT’s. You will be able to find the link to Alpacadabraz’ OpenSea section up above with other links for further information. 

As we mentioned earlier, you will be able to get a free mint for the 3D collection if you own an NFT from the Genesis collection. But you can also just choose to attempt to gain an alpaca from the 3D collection directly. You can attempt to get one of the 3000 whitelist spots, which guarantees you a purchase. Or you can try with the public Dutch auction and see if you can bid for one or more without killing your wallet. 

If you’re serious about investing in this, remember to do it as soon as possible. The closer we get to the new mint of the 3D collection, the more valuable the 2D alpacas will get as the hype and interest increase. 

Will You Journey Through the Metaverse?

Alpacadabraz is one of the NFT collections that currently does the most to figure out new and interesting ways to utilize the metaverse and to give people access to it in an intuitive and fun way.

As the interest in and the popularity of Alpacadabraz grows, so too will the perks and features they provide. What Alpacadabraz promises for 2022 is already enough reason to get incredibly excited, but who knows what will happen going forward? Great things are in store. Will you be part of that journey?

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