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Crypton Exchange — Trading CRP On A No-KYC Exchange [Based on Utopia P2P]

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In the era of peer-to-peer technology, projects built on this architecture are increasingly appearing. One such project is the Utopia P2P ecosystem. The developers were an anonymous group of IT enthusiasts and developers known as the 1984 Group — who still hide their names.

Recently, on the basis of this ecosystem, the integrated Crypton Exchange platform has been developed and launched.

Crypton Exchange gives users the opportunity to safely and anonymously trade cryptocurrencies with several benefits:

  • No-KYC registration
  • Minimum commissions
  • Fast funds withdrawal
  • Censorship-free
  • Worldwide access
  • Built-in live chat

No-KYC registration

The registration is based on the Utopia P2P ecosystem. Therefore, before signing up on the exchange, you need to create an account in the ecosystem (registration is also anonymous.) After filling in the standard registration field on the Crypton Exchange, enter your Public Key (you’ll find it in your Utopia account.) Afterwards, you will be sent a confirmation letter to continue the registration on the exchange.

It is worth noting that the user does not need to enter an email or phone number. All registration takes place anonymously and automatically, without the participation of third parties. Such a basic registration without identity verification ensures users’ privacy and security.

By the way, even the IP address is not available for monitoring, since it is simply not visible. The only thing you can see is “” from any user — as it should be in an ecosystem that cares about the security of its users and the inviolability of their personal data.

Minimum commissions on the market

The main pair for trading on the exchange is CRP/USDT. No commission is taken when performing an operation with this pair. However, the costs of the blockchain are not taken into account here, and you will have to pay for them.

The percentage that can be charged is a transaction fee in the blockchain, approximately 0.1%. This indicator is the lowest on the market.

Fast funds withdrawal

If a user wants to transfer their Cryptons to the built-in uWallet in Utopia P2P, they can do it without restrictions. The whole process will take a couple of seconds, after which CRPs can be observed in the account.

Such a fast and uncomplicated system distinguishes this exchange since other sites will need users to pass several mandatory regulatory requirements to confirm the intention of withdrawing funds, for example to take a selfie with a passport. In addition, users on this exchange will never receive a notification that their funds are frozen and cannot be withdrawn.


No one can restrict access to the exchange or get any user data. Firstly, the exchange does not have a centralized register. Secondly, it is available for using through Utopia P2P.

Also, even if the domain is blocked, then the exchange will continue to exist in Utopia P2P.

Worldwide access

You can use the exchange from anywhere in the world without restrictions. The exchange does not divide people by national, racial, political, or other identifiers. It supports several languages and a user-friendly interface, which is not difficult to understand.

The only condition for use is a stable internet connection. In addition, do not forget about registering in Utopia P2P, where an account is required for registration on the exchange.

Built-in live chat

If you have a question about the work of the exchange, then you can always ask it in a live chat, where other users can help explain interesting feature of the platform. All communication takes place right in the live chat window in the trading interface without the need for an additional application.


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