Whales Stacking Shiba Inu, SHIB Price To Double in Q2!


Shiba Inu remains one of the most constant bets whales have been making on crypto. On April 3, a whale called "Tsunade" acquired a staggering 86 billion meme tokens.

Etherscan tracker shows that two massive Shiba Inu transactions has occurred, carrying 4.3 billion and 4.2 billion SHIB tokens.

Per the data, one transaction was a transfer of around 4.3 billion SHIB by a wallet named MEV.bot to an unknown wallet. The second transaction was 4.2 million SHIB moved between two unnamed wallets.

Right now, SHIB has entered a crucial demand zone of between $0.0000235 to $0.0000263.

The risk of steep corrections is minimal as the meme token sitting above a very strong support zone. Thus, SHIB will swing by around 40% in the near term.

This happened before in late February, and once SHIB broke, it went on to rally by a huge margin. Thus, it is conceivable that the price will double in the near term.