Shiba Inu Price Prediction For Coming Days


Discussions about Shibarium's Beta Chain ID and the founder's identity have kept Shiba Inu a hot topic in the cryptocurrency community.

Shiba Inu-related mentions have more than doubled in social volume on Twitter, topping 50.26k, which has historically resulted in a price increase of about 13.8%.

Shiba Inu must overcome resistances around $0.000011 and its EMA cluster in order to reach its recent high of $0.00001186.

If bullish trends continue, SHIB might gain by 34% from its current price to $0.000014 over the next six months.

Almost 100k addresses have purchased 467 trillion SHIB coins between $0.000014 and $0.000020, according to on-chain data.

A macro-correction, however, might cause the price to fall below $0.0000106 or $0.00000912, depending on how negative it is.