Optimism Hacker Sends 1 Million OP Tokens to Vitalik Buterin


As per a tweet from Peckshield, a hacker who stole 20 million Optimism tokens, has transferred 1 million OP to Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin.

Buterin wasn’t the only one to have received the stolen OP tokens. Earlier today, the hacker reportedly sent 1 million OP tokens to Yoav Weiss a hacker at the Ethereum Foundation.

Weiss cleared the air saying : “And the plot thickens. As I was writing this explainer, the attacker delegated the 1M OP voting power to me: Thank you for delegating 🙂 Hint: no, I’m not the attacker and I don’t know who is. But now guessing it’s a whitehat.”

A hacker managed to stole 20 million OP governance tokens from liquidity provider Wintermute’s wallet address.

The Wintermute team has urged the hacker to return the stolen Optimism tokens.