Martin Lawrence and Cardano Founder to Pitch Discussion on NFTS


Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson and American comedian Martin Lawrence are jelled to twitter talk about NFTs hosted by NFT Maker on June 7.

The Celebrity seems to have been trailed by rapper Snoop Dogg who had participated in a Twitter discussion with Cardano in April.

Recently Cardano blockchain celebrated the accomplishment of minting over five million NFTs on its network. The number of native coins issued is about 5,126,018 with 54,897 different minting policies on the Cardano blockchain.

According to IOHK, the number of Cardano-based projects has topped 1,000, with NFT projects reaching 5,796, as of the most recent update. The growth of the Cardano network is tied to an increase in the number of minted NFTs and projects