Is Elon Musk Working on Twitter Coins?


Popular App researchers Nima Owji and Jane Manchun Wong revealed the “Coins” section in hidden “Tips” settings on Twitter.

The instructions for activating the function and verifying the changes were also made public by Jane Manchun Wong.

Wong confirmed to The Block via her LinkedIn profile that the code was extracted and the Twitter Coin logo might not actually stand for a native coin that is currently under development but rather be connected to the cryptocurrency tipping feature.

However, Jane Manchun Wong's Twitter account was deleted or Blocked immediately after tweeting about Twitter Coin.

CEO Elon Musk in the recent Twitter space stated that “It is kind of a no-brainer for Twitter to have payments, both fiat, and crypto,” Musk said.

Overall, Twitter’s creation of a native coin is currently unclear, as it remains to be seen if the team is actively working on the feature.