Do Kwon Puts up a Terra ‘Revival Plan’, Shoves LUNA & UST Holders in Charge


The Terraform Labs CEO submitted a "Revival Plan" on Friday that would redistribute network ownership.

Kwon's "Revival Plan" embraces a restart of the Terra blockchain, with network ownership being handed exclusively to UST and LUNA holders via 1 billion new tokens.

"UST holders need to own a big share of the network, and as network debt holders, they need to be compensated for the tokens they've held to the end," he concluded.

- 40% of the newly distributed tokens For LUNA holders who held the asset before the de-pegging event.   - 40% To UST holders on a pro-rata basis at the time of the new network upgrade   - 10%  to LUNA holders just before the chain halted operations   - 10% to the development pool