Bitcoin 2022 Conference Day - 3 Updates


News robinhood enabling on-chain and lightning withdrawals for bitcoin.After four years of allowing users to trade cryptocurrencies,the platform is launching its wallet and will begin to enable bitcoin withdrawals.

Marco Santori and Cynthia Lummis had a fireside chat at the Bitcoin 2022 conference to discuss evolving legislation on Bitcoin that Lummis has been working on. They also shared perspectives on how politicians view the potential of a Federal Reserve central bank digital currency (CBDC).

Bitcoin mining specialists sat down together to discuss how mining companies can work with local grids to strengthen electricity production and distribution at the Bitcoin 2022 conference in a panel titled “Building New Grids.”, the in-app bitcoin exchange for Trezor hardware wallets, has partnered with bitcoin purchasing platform Swan Bitcoin to enable recurring, direct-to-custody bitcoin purchases for Trezor users.

Constitutional lawyer Neal Katyal addressed Bitcoin 2022 attendees in a discussion titled “The U.S. Constitution And Bitcoin.” He argued that Bitcoiners should be open to some regulation to ultimately protect the technology.