Andrew Tate on Cryptocurrency !


Andrew has gained notoriety for his controversial tweets and his strong support for cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin and Ethereum.

While some have raised concerns about his enthusiasm, he believes that these two coins are here to stay.

He advises investors to stock up on as much bitcoin as they can handle and stay in the market for the long term.

Tate’s Investor Thesis: The Highlights

– Avoid risky real estate investments; the government can seize your possessions at any time, no matter how prominent you are. – Incorporate bitcoin into your daily life and maximize its benefits just like he does.

– You need to be patient and wait at least two or three years to make any real money in this market. – The moment to retain your assets rather than frantic selling and purchasing is now, not when bitcoin is at its all-time high since the whole world is now on sale due to the recession and inflation.