667 Mn SHIB Burned in a Day and 22.2 Bn in a Week

Over 22 billion canine tokens have been removed from circulation in the last week, according to a SHIB burn tracker. In addition, about half a billion Shiba have been burned in the previous 24 hours.

Multiple campaigns within the Shiba Inu fan community have removed a total of 22,200,398,699 meme tokens over the previous week, according to cryptocurrency burn tracker @Shibburn. Despite the staggering value, SHIB is worth $279,281 in US dollars.

Shibburn also announced on Twitter that during the last 24 hours, several businesses and individuals from the SHIB army had burned over 667.2 million Shiba Inu tokens. In comparison to the previous one, the burn rate has increased by about 41%.