$2000 Turned Into $20 Million! How SHIB Investor Made Profits?


As per Lookonchain analysis, an investor turned a $2,200 investment into almost $23 million in 2 years.

The investor brought 3.49 trillion SHIB in 2020 through Uniswap for 2.37 ETH.

The investor held his investment until April 2021 but decided to sell as SHIB started falling in price.

Shiba Inuholder started selling $SHIB and has sold over 2.94 trillion SHIB since April 13, 2021.

Lookonchain data revealed that if the holder had sold all his Shiba Inu during that time, the investor would have made $18.3 million profits.

Overall, at present,  the investor still holds 0.55 trillion Shiba Inu tokens.